Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530: Support Request Denied

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Chapter 1530: Support Request Denied

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Satan had gone to rescue her personally, which showed just how important this woman was to him, and Shiyi had kidnapped this woman.

"Who's that woman?" Meng Zhenhuan asked.

"She's just an artiste called Ning Xi"

Meng Zhenhuan tumbled into his chair, his last strand of hope destroyed. "It's over... It's really over"

"Father! She's just a mere artiste! So what!? And she's alright now, so why are you so nervous? Well, I could just go and apologize to Bro Shen!"

Meng Zhenhuan slapped Meng Shiyi's face. "Do you know who she is? She's Tang Xi! The Little Junior Sister of Tang Ye and Feng Xiaoxiao! Yun Shen's only woman! Some time ago, Yun Shen issued an order forbidding anyone to lay their hands on her! Didn't I warn you that you can do anything to any woman around Yun Shen besides her?!"

The minion, who had been tortured by Ning Xi earlier, was speechless at the moment.

What the heck?! So, that woman was the rumored Ning Xi

Today, they would die of an unjust cause.

Meng Zhenhuan would never have expected that his own daughter would cause his downfall.

Meng Shiyi totally freaked out. "How would I know that she's Tang Xi?!"

Actually, she was just mad that her father had told her that. In addition to finding out that Yun Shen had rescued Ning Xi, her rationality went out of the window. She had ignored her father's warning and kidnapped Ning Xi, not knowing that it would cause such severe consequences.

"Boss, we need to come up with something right now!" One of his henchmen reminded.

The hundred-year-old organization was facing the fate of being annihilated overnight and everyone succumbed to their fear.

Meng Zhenhuan looked dreadful. "It might still be effective to apologize if it were someone else, but now, it's probably still useless even if I killed my daughter personally"

He paused for a bit, then said, "Go! Someone get Lu Tingxiao! Our only chance left to survive is with the help of the Lu Corporation"

The Qing Xuan Gang had been controlling the underground society in Imperial and numerous other places for a long time. Since the Lu Corporation was such a prominent group, they had several important connections. If the Qing Xuan Gang was annihilated, it meant that Imperial might be controlled by some other organization. The Lu Corporation would not just let them do as they pleased!

"Yes! I'll do that now!"

The subordinate left quickly.

Time passed by and the sun rose.

The subordinate who had gone to request for help came back.

"How did it go? What did Mr. Lu say?" Everyone looked at him in anticipation.

The person looked crushed. "Mr. Lu... Mr. Lu"

"What's the situation!? Spit it out!" Meng Zhenhuan was frustrated.

"I contacted Mr. Lu's people, but the person replied me"

"What did he say?"

"He said that we should be glad that Satan's the one making a move instead of the Lu Corporation."

"W-what does that mean?" Everyone including Meng Zhenhuan was stunned.

"Why is the Lu Corporation targeting us too?"

"Satan did it because of the woman, but what's up with Lu Tingxiao?"

Among their argument, a timid voice piped up. It was the lowly branch leader earlier. "Well, I mentioned just now that there were two groups of people who came to the girl's rescue. The other group... The person who was leading it seemed to be... CEO Lu"

"What did you say?" Suddenly, everyone looked at the branch leader in disbelief.

He trembled. "I didn't believe it at first too. I was afraid that I might have been mistaken, so I kept quiet just now. I've never seen him in person anyway, but I've seen his bodyguard Shi Xiao before, and today I saw Shi Xiao standing right behind him"