Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526: The Situation Was Very Chaotic

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Chapter 1526: The Situation Was Very Chaotic

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Dearest darling...

And that Yun fellow...

Why had they come, even appearing at the same time?

Also, there was such a grandiose, majestic sight behind them. What was up with this epic troop formation?!

Ning Xi gulped hard. Uh, it seemed like... she had gone overboard!

"Hmph, rather free and unfettered, aren't you?" Yun Shen put on a fake smile as he looked at a certain someone who sat on her tiger pelt in a dictatorial manner. That gaze of hers appeared like she was about to murder someone.

Ning Xi ignored Yun Shen. Instead, she tossed the wine glass in her hand away, then quickly ran towards Lu Tingxiao.

The leader behind them faltered as he dashed over to catch the wine glass. Oh! This glass was an antique and was very expensive!

"My dearest darling!" Ning Xi snuggled into Lu Tingxiao's embrace like a young swallow that had returned to the forest. The expression on her little face looked like she had suffered terribly. "Oh, they bullied me..."

With a crash, the wine glass in the leader's hand had fallen to the ground and made an ear-piercing sound...

Not only him, even all of the small bandits on the side looked towards Ning Xi as if they had just seen a ghost.

What?! That was not what had happened!

One could not be that shameless....

"No! We didn't!"


"Great one, we're being accused!"

"How dare we bully the great aunt?!"

"Please, the two of you must distinguish right and wrong with acuity and give us justice!"


Suddenly, the wails in the hall started. Their expressions were way more tortured than Ning Xi's. They probably knew that Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao called the shots, so all of them were asking the two of them to provide them justice.

The situation was very chaotic.

Yun Shen and Lu Tingxiao were speechless.

Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl in his embrace a little helplessly. "What's happening?"

Ning Xi sobbed and sniffled as she looked up at him. "My hair clip... Hair clip was broken by them..."

"What nonsense?" Yun Shen was a little agitated at the sight of Ning Xi fastening herself to Lu Tingxiao.

Ning Xi shot him a look. " You're nonsense! It's a present that my son gave me for my birthday! It's so important, yet they broke it by stepping on it!"

Everyone in the hall, including Yun Shen, had no words to utter.

Bloody hell... Was there a mistake? They had been tortured like this all because they had broken her hair clip?

The leader drew a deep breath and looked at the few people who were responsible for kidnapping Ning Xi earlier. "You lot, who stepped on Miss Ning's hair clip and broke it?"

The blonde, the tall, skinny guy, and the scar-faced driver all pretended to look innocent. The big-sized guy trembled like he had nothing to live for as he murmured, "I think it was me... But it was an accident!"

"Is this it?" At that juncture, Shi Xiao took out the broken hair clip from behind him.

He finally had a chance to perform, but he was not charging and breaking through the enemy lines. He had just unintentionally picked up a hair clip...

"That's the one!" Ning Xi quickly took it heartbreakingly. That murderous aura in her eyes was rising again.

A certain leader was afraid that this great aunt would flip again. He immediately went over to kick the big-sized guy. "Who asked your feet to be so careless?! You don't even know how to kidnap a person... Why did you step on the young lady's hair clip for no reason?! Are you sick in the head?!"

The big-sized guy was speechless. Who was the one sick in the head now?!

"Yes, yes, yes... Yes, I'm sick in the head... It's all my fault..."

Lu Tingxiao looked at the girl's pitiful expression and rubbed her head. "It's fine, it can be fixed. I'll get it fixed when we get home."