Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1524

Chapter 1524: A Happy Welcome

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Chapter 1524: A Happy Welcome

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However, when Ning Xi was filming, he could not follow her. He would only stay in the car or keep an eye on her somewhere obscure. Thanks to the jaw-dropping martial skills of his lady boss, he was actually bored every day. He had no chance to redeem himself at all. At least Xiong Zhi was being ordered to protect the lady boss's cousin.

Ning Xi had gotten into trouble while he was thinking about how useless he was. It was way past her working schedule and she had not appeared yet. He realized that something was wrong but by the time he found out that his lady boss had been kidnapped, it was too late. At first, he wanted to save her all by himself to redeem himself but his boss found out about it too and was going to save her personally.

Not only that, what was the other group doing here?

Shi Xiao could not just stay idle anymore. He knew he would not be able to do anything further, so he offered, "Boss, I'll go and take a peek at what's happening inside!"

"Wait," Lu Tingxiao rejected Shixiao's request as he looked at the entrance carefully.

At the same time, Yun Shen was also looking at the tightly-sealed entrance, his cold gaze rendering everyone quiet.

Tang Ye frowned a little. "Something might go wrong. Everyone, be careful."

Feng Xiaoxiao was on high alert as well. "Something isn't right. Why isn't there anyone guarding the entrance? It's way too quiet... Where are the people? Are we sure that Little Junior Sister was brought here? Damn it! Could it something have happened to her!? How dare they!?"

In the hall, the boss was pouring some wine for Ning Xi regrettably.

It was a high-grade wine that he had been keeping for many years!

Money, beauties, rum... He had tried everything, yet the woman was enjoying herself and did not seem to have any intentions of leaving.

What made it worse was that while she was really gentle towards the girls, her attitude towards men was absolutely cruel! She was fooling around with them endlessly. They were about to go crazy!

The big-sized guy was looking up online about how to get on a girl's good side. After a while, he cried and went up to his boss, "Why's she not leaving yet?"

"Who am I supposed to ask?"

Suddenly, a henchman ran over, panting. He went up to his boss and gasped, "Boss! Outside... Outside"

"What about outside?" The boss sounded angry.

"There are people! A lot of people A lot... They seem to be here to rescue this woman"

"Really?" The boss's eyes brightened up. He then gathered several of his men and they sneaked towards the entrance while Ning Xi was busy with the girls.

By the door, as everyone was worried about the strange situation and Ning Xi's safety

The door creaked as it was opened from the inside.

Suddenly, everyone pointed their weapons towards the entrance.

The boss raised his hands up high. "No... Please calm down! I believe you guys are here to rescue great... To rescue Ms. Ning?"

They just stood by the entrance and did not move another inch. If they were too far away, it would trigger the alarm on Ning Xi's detonator.

"Let her go then!" Shi Xiao howled.

The boss knelt on the floor and cried with joy, "Rejoice! Rejoice! You guys are finally here!"

The people behind the boss were overjoyed. They quickly swung the door open wide. "Please come in! Everyone, please!"

Lu Tingxiao, Yun Shen, Tang Ye, and Feng Xiaoxiao did not know what to say.

Why were these people so ecstatic to the point that they were about to dance?