Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1522

    Chapter 1522: Can I Still Make It If I Castrate Myself Now?

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    Chapter 1522: Can I Still Make It If I Castrate Myself Now?

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    "Oh, my great aunt, just what do we need to do to make you leave? Give us a price. Can we buy our lives?" Someone pleaded.

    "Oh, then a hundred million per person!" Ning Xi announced.

    That was daylight robbery! How cruel!

    Everyone was speechless. They would rather die.

    This situation was getting really out of hand.

    The boss thought of whatever he could, but he had to accept that she was not leaving. He glared at the blonde. "I'll trust you this once! If it fails, without needing her to do anything, I'll kill you!"

    He then made a call. "Hey, n-no more guys... Get me some girls! Of course, some pretty ones! Those that look clean and nice. Hurry!"

    "Great aunt, please forgive me! Please forgive me!" A failed challenger fell on the floor with weak knees while the others trembled. The next person might be

    As Ning Xi was about to say something, a bunch of girls walked in.

    The girls looked rather young. They were all around 20 years old, just the right age. Unlike the two skimpy-clothed girls from earlier, these girls dressed casually and looked like sweet, obedient girls. Most importantly, they were very cute and pretty. The man was still trembling before her.

    Ah, pretty good

    Ning Xi's mood improved drastically after she saw the pretty girls. She waved a hand at the man who was begging for his life. "Well, I won't scare the girls by making you explode here for now."

    So, she let him off.

    What a sudden turn of events! The henchman could not believe it! He profusely expressed his gratitude then ran away.

    The boss was speechless. Was the method actually working? It seemed to be darned effective!

    After a short while

    The girls' eyes glittered in fear. At times, they even blushed. They started getting possessive over Ning Xi. All of them were pouring wine for her and feeding her fruits.

    The boss remained silent.

    The blonde bit on his fingernails. He was really jealous of Ning Xi's gentle attitude towards the girls. He lamented, "Oh, why am I not a girl?"

    Someone mumbled, "If I go and tell her that I'm actually a woman and that I went for a sex reassignment surgery, would she believe me?"

    Another person said something more unbelievable. "Can I still make it if I castrate myself now?" Losing his penis was better than losing his life

    Everyone else was speechless.

    At the same time, Ning Xi did not know that things were going crazy outside.

    At the Imperial First People Hospital, Feng Xiaoxiao was holding an apple and trying really hard to carve it into a bunny shape.

    "Phew! I'm done. Enjoy it, Boss!" Feng Xiaoxiao passed him the apple. She was always hustling outside. Delicate tasks like these would kill her.

    The man lying on the bed was looking at the direction of the entrance as if he was waiting for someone impatiently. He looked unfocused and fidgety. When he saw at the apple in Feng Xiaoxiao's hand, he simply commented, "Ugly."