Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497: Drastic Changes

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They reached the Tang residence.

Sun Lan had already prepared a full feast, and Tang Shan was waiting by the doorstep. When they saw the two of them, they quickly welcomed them in.

Compared to the awkward atmosphere last time, it was much better this time around. Although they were still pretty courteous and distant, it was not cold at all.

"Xiao Xi's here. Come in quickly! I'm really sorry. You left the last time before I could make you stay for dinner!"

"That's alright. It's just a piece of cake. Do you need help?"

"No need at all. Just sit around and wait for dinner. There's still the soup left to prepare, but it'll be ready soon!"

After a while, the family of four reunited together at the dinner table.

Sun Lan looked at Ning Xi, feeling a little awkward. "Such drastic changes! I almost can't recognize you anymore"

Tang Shan nodded in agreement. "Xiao Xi, you've become prettier!"

They did not really notice it since she had disguised herself the last time they met her, but they now discerned the transformation of the girl who was once their daughter. Both her outlook and her aura had turned into something exceptional to them.

It might be awkward for them to talk about other topics, thus slowly they started talking about Tang Nuo. They were talking about how Tang Nuo had gotten himself into a good university, and how proud Sun Lan and Tang Shan were.

"This child, he has been looking forward to going to a university in Imperial and he finally did it!"

"Boys should go out and take a look at the big city and go through some hardships!" Ning Xi said.

Tang Shan nodded. "That's right!"

Sun Lan and Tang Shan were really glad about their decision when they saw their son's excellent grades. If they had actually made Xiao Nuo change his first choice, then it would really affect his future pathway.

"But the acceptance letter hasn't come yet. It's quite worrying" Tang Shan frowned.

"Why are you being so worried? The acceptance letter won't just fly away!" Sun Lan commented.

As they spoke, Tang Nuo's grandmother ran over to their house.

All of them stood up when they saw her.


"Mother, why are you here at such a late hour?"

The elder had a restaurant in town, and she usually stayed there.

The elder looked into the house and saw that there was an extra person. "This is?"

"Grandmother, she's my sis! Tang Xi!" Tang Nuo held onto Ning Xi's shoulder as he introduced her.

"Tang... Tang Xi... Why is she here?" The elder was surprised, but she did not say anything else about it. Instead, she quickly took out a large envelope excitedly. "Xiao Nuo, your acceptance letter is here!"


"Your university acceptance letter!"

Suddenly, everyone was focused on the envelope the elder was holding.

"I couldn't wait for it. I always went and checked for Xiao Nuo's letter every once in a while. I finally got it! Open it and see! Read it for me" The elder looked like she was over the moon.

Tang Nuo took the envelope with trepidation, then he took a deep breath and opened it. Sun Lan and Tang Shan gathered around him.

Ning Xi was really thrilled for Tang Nuo when she saw the four of them so happy together.

The next moment, Tang Nuo's expression suddenly changed.

It was a university acceptance letter indeed, but it was not an acceptance letter from the university in Imperial! It was from a university in Xi Jiang, somewhere extremely far away from both Chang Chun City and Imperial

"What happened?! What is this Xi Jiang Polytechnic Academy? I didn't put this in any of my choices at all. Why did I get an acceptance letter from them?"