Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1495

    Chapter 1495: Nothings More Important Than My Grandson

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    The mother and son kept on arguing, but Tang Shan did not say anything at all. He never really had an opinion of his own. At this moment, he had no idea what to do.

    He looked at his wife when his son asked him, then hestuttered, "Xiao Nuo, actually, your mother has a point. It's not a must for you to go to Imperial. There're a lot of good schools out there too. You can always find a university that's in a city near Imperial"

    Tang Nuo was enraged and disappointed. "You two... No matter what, I'll not change my first choice! I want to go to Imperial! No one's stopping me!"

    It was not just about the fact that he had been longing to go to Imperial since he was little. Ever since Ning Xi left, his desire to go to Imperial grew stronger. He missed his sister dearly. After enduring it for so long, he looked forward to the day when he could finally get into a university in Imperial. Then, he could be closer to his sister and could look for her more often

    And now, with just a word from her, they want me to give up my hopes and dreams! Why?!

    She detests me, but I hate the fact that my sister was taken away too!

    "I heard you arguing the moment I came in. What is it about? Xiao Nuo's having his exams soon. Why don't you let him study quietly?! Did... Shan lend others money again?" An old, stern, white-haired woman came in.

    "Grandmother" Tang Nuo greeted her.

    "That's not it, Mother. How could I?!" Tang Shan quickly explained.

    Sun Lan was nervous when she realized that her mother-in-law had come.

    Her mother-in-law had lost her husband when she was young, so she had brought up her son alone. Since she was the straightforward and headstrong dictator at home, Sun Lan was always a little afraid of her.

    "What's the matter? Xiao Nuo, my dear grandson, tell Grandma about it!" The elder looked at Tang Nuo with a gentle expression.

    Tang Nuo's eyes brightened. She was like his savior. He went up to the elder and told her everything.

    The young man gave her a massage while recounting the injustice he had just experienced. "Grandmother, just because of a laughable excuse of her feeling uncomfortable, my parents want me to change my first choice and not let me go to Imperial... but you know me, Grandmother, I've been longing to go to Imperial since I was little. I also promised to bring you there for fun one day!"

    The elder was crossed. "Nonsense! Who's going to make my dear grandchild change his first choice?! Who does she think she is to decide on such AN important matter? That little witch dares to overstep her boundaries?!"

    Sun Lan subtly nudged her husband, then Tang Shan spoke up helplessly, "Mother, you're overreacting... Whatever it is, she's my daughter... and your granddaughter"

    "Nonsense, she has never even been in this house before. How is she my granddaughter? Since she was given away, she's someone else's daughter. I don't want to be near her anyway. She had better not dare intervene in our matters! Especially regarding Xiao Nuo!" The elder's voice was strong and loud. "Nothing's more important than my grandson. If I hear you and Shan make Xiao Nuo change his first choice again, go back to the Sun family!"

    Sun Lan did not dare to say anything, and Tang Shan kept quiet as well.

    Well,of course, they did not want to disappoint their son as well, but somehow they missed this daughter who had never been by their side

    In the end, the matter was closed after the elder intervened. The both of them decided to let it go