Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1491

Chapter 1491: Real Lady

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To Ning Xueluo, the entertainment industry rumor was not the most troubling one. Compared to going against Ning Xi, she had more important things to be done.

She made Chang Li turn down most of the recent jobs as she wanted to spend more time with Su Yan as well as get on Zheng Minjun's good side.

If people from the Zhuangs had turned up at her wedding, her position as the eldest daughter-in-law of the family would be secured. However, now not only did she have to act lowly in front of them, she had to put up with the witch Zhao Shanshan, listening to her insults.

"Mother, History is going to be invited to Lorraine Fashion Week soon. Here's a first-row ticket for the show. If you're free on that day, come by and have a look."

Zheng Minjun seemed happy when she accepted the ticket. She knew that this ticket could not have come by easy, and it was a first-row seat. "Thanks, Xueluo, that's very nice of you!"

Ning Xueluo beamed. "You're welcome, Mother."

At this moment, Zhao Shanshan came down from the stairs, holding the newspaper in her hands. She purposely walked in front of Su Yan's mother and Ning Xueluo, speaking in a weird tone, "As expected from a daughter from a prestigious family, Mother. Just look at her attitude and her aura... She's done so many kind things without leaving her name

"This is how a real lady acts. With the blood of a prestigious family, her nobility lies in the blood! Not like someone else being so small-minded, showing off to the whole world the moment she made some small achievements"

"You" Ning Xueluo was so mad that she was shaking.

Zhao Shanshan really had an evil mouth!

She had to do something now. If not, her position in the Su family would always be maintained as passive.

"Okay, Shanshan, stop being like that. Xueluo is your sister-in-law!" Because Zhao Shanshan was the wife of her husband's illegitimate child Su Xun, of course, she would take the side of Su Yan's wife, Ning Xueluo.

Still, Zhao Shanshan's words hit the spot where it hurt the most.

Ning Xueluo's identity still remained one of the biggest thorns she had in her heart.

"I'm just telling the truth. She is a wild fowl from the rural area!" Ever since Zhao Shanshan found out about this nickname that could trigger Ning Xueluo, she had been using it happily.

Suddenly, the maid, who Ning Xueluo had brought over to the Su family after she was married, rushed over. She seemed to be boiling with anger and had been holding it in for some time. "Second Madam, you're really too much! You're bullying her when she just married into this family! She was brought up by our Madam since young. Not only is she highly educated, she's not small-minded at all. The one who's not presentable is the rural girl Ning Xi. Do you really think she's as nice as she looks? She"

Ning Xueluo looked pained as she pleaded with an aggrieved expression, "Xiao Ling, stop it!"

"Xueluo, why did you stop her? Let her speak! Xiao Ling, what is it? What did Ning Xi do?" Zheng Minjun quickly demanded.

She already felt that something was odd back then. Why did her son, who had initially insisted on being with Ning Xi, suddenly break up with her?

She thought her son had found out thatNing Xueluo was the better choice and changed his mind, so she had been happy for her son and did not think much about it. Furthermore, Ning Xi had also been sent overseas. Now that she thought about the whole incident, she felt that something was not right

Xiao Ling was actually acting following Ning Xueluo's glance, and was about to tell what Ning Xueluo wanted her to say after her signal, "Ning Xi"

At this moment, there was an extremely aloof voice from the entrance. "Shut up."

It was Su Yan.

A scary expression had taken over Su Yan's ever gentle face. Xiao Ling was so scared that she could not say anything and her body trembled.