Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1490

    Chapter 1490: Only To Pave Way For Others

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    Chang Li sat down on the chair, her face looking dreadful.

    It was a big miscalculation

    No matter what, they could never have guessed that Ling Zhizhi could provide such solid evidence!

    Ning Xi had already been doing charity work way before she entered the entertainment industry. It did not matter what they said anymore. This even helped to boost Ning Xi's popularity, reputation, and image. In other words, they had just done a free promotion for her.

    This had a much better effect than just posting the information from Ling Zhizhi's side to boost Ning Xi's image.

    After spending so much effort, it only paved the way for someone else.

    Chang Li started to regret helping Ning Xueluo go against Ning Xi.

    She realized that things had been going way out of hand, not just once or twice, but numerous times! It must not be a coincidence as Ning Xi had proven to be a very tough opponent.

    As expected, soon came the loud sound of things breaking and Ning Xueluo's scolding.

    Ning Xueluo's temper had been getting worse lately as she was having a pretty bad time herself.

    Everyone outside assumed that Ning Xueluo was very ladylike and gentle, but only she knew the true colors of Ning Xueluo. However, after knowing so many secrets about her, it was too late to regret now.

    Sometimes, when she saw Ning Xi and Ling Zhizhi and saw how they chatted gaily with each other like friends, she would be lying if she were to say she did not feel anything.

    After Ning Xueluo was done throwing her tantrum, she growled with a ferocious expression, "There's no need for panic! I've said before, Ning Xi is just a piece of meat on my chopping board. No matter how high she leaps, I can grant her her death any moment I want!"

    However, they both had secrets in each other's hands, except that it was not the right time to reveal it at the moment

    By the time they were to really go against each other for real, Ning Xi would be the one in a grave situation!

    She had to do what she had to, if not, Ning Xueluo might get triggered again. Chang Li covered her bleeding wound caused by the shattered ceramic pieces just now before she injected energy into her voice and said, "Let's just lay low for a while now and wait until the discussion dies down. I've just gotten news that 'Mountain' has been nominated in the Golden Film Awards this year, and you've been nominated as a candidate for the best actress. Soon, I'll find a suitable time to release this news. Also, I've been talking to Director Robert on a collaboration, so it shouldn't be difficult to get a role... As an actress, in the end, people will still judge you by your work"

    Ning Xueluo pinched the space between her eyebrows with a dark expression. After spending so much effort, she had finally got a nomination! In addition to getting a role in a Hollywood movie, although it might just be a few minutes appearance, it was a rare opportunity for an Asian to be cast in Hollywood films. This indicated that she was breaking into the international market, and her career would enter a new chapter! That witch Ning Xi who had fallen to filming series could never compare to her!

    "Keep an eye on Ning Xi" She was sure that one day she would be able to get ahold of her dirty secrets!

    Chang Li just nodded, but Ning Xi was guarded tightly by Ling Zhizhi. Apart from that, she felt there was another force working in the dark because after such a long investigation, nothing really came up. It was futile no matter how much she tried.

    Nevertheless, she could never bring herself to tell Ning Xueluo that. Even if she did, she would only get scolded