Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1484

Chapter 1484: Jump Onto Him

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Mo Yuxiu frowned. He heard Ning Xi calling someone "sweetheart" just now, making him feel disgusted. Could she be calling that man over?

And from her tone, this man seemed to be someone in the room!

Who could it be?

Or was this woman fooling with him again and playing tricks on him!?

Mo Yuxiu looked at her with alarm. "Tang Xi, what are you going to do?"

Ning Xi shrugged innocently. "I'm seriously trying to solve the issue! Please keep your promise later and don't go back on your words!"

Mo Yuxiu laughed incredulously. "Are you going to tell me your man is Yun Shen?"

Mo Yuxiu's expression changed a little as they reached this point because he remembered that during the filming, Ning Xi seemed to have a strange relationship with Yun Shen, and it was rumored that Yun Shen was a big fan of Ning Xi's. He had invested and acted in the series all for her...

Could Yun Shen really be Ning Xi's man?

However, when Ning Xi told him she had a man already, it was when they were filming the ads, and Yun Shen had just returned not too long ago, so he probably still did not know Ning Xi at that time.

This damned woman was tricking him again!

As Mo Yuxiu was thinking about it, Ning Xi shook her head. "That's wrong. Yun Shen's the ex, the current one is Lu Tingxiao!"

Mo Yuxiu was speechless...

Mo Yuxiu was appalled by Ning Xi's words. He was so annoyed and demanded angrily, "I must be crazy to talk rubbish with you here for so long. Just how much did you drink tonight?"

Ning Xi spread her hands. "So, no one's believing the truth nowadays?"

Mo Yuxiu was furious beyond words. The look on his face was saying that he definitelywould not believe what she said anymore. "Nonsense! It's because I believe you that I'm this outraged now!"

"But I really didn't lie"

"Get lost!"


As they were arguing, the sound of solid footsteps came nearby.

Mo Yuxiu turned around, then he saw a tall man in a full black suit walking towards Ning Xi and him with a frigid face. In the end, he stopped right in front of Ning Xi.

Lu Tingxiao?

What was he doing here? Was he here to take a breather too? Or had he been tricked by Ning Xi?

As Mo Yuxiu was having countlessthoughts running through his mind, Ning Xi suddenly jumped onto Lu Tingxiao... She jumped onto him... Jumped!

Besides that, the more shocking matter was that after Ning Xi jumped onto Lu Tingxiao, she clung onto Lu Tingxiao's neck, and pulled his neck down, then kissed him forcefully... She kissed him forcefully!

Mo Yuxiu was taken aback. He just stared at what was unfolding in front of him until he felt a sharp pain on his fingertip. The cigarette had burned to the end and stung his finger.

In the phone call before, Lu Tingxiao had not asked Ning Xi why she called him over. He just went, but did not expect Mo Yuxiu to be there as well.

There was a shine in Lu Tingxiao's eyes. Before he could say anything, his wife jumped onto him wordlessly.

Lu Tingxiao was fully focused on her only as he gently held the girl's body. He also lowered his head, cooperated with the girl and let her kiss him