Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1483

    Chapter 1483: Whos My Man?

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    Ever since he realized Ning Xi was in an ambiguous relationship with Ke Mingyu, Mo Yuxiu had been holding a grudge against him.

    He had been wondering what kind of man could make her fall in love. Who knew it was a useless man! How could he accept it?

    Ning Xi's mouth twitched. A useless man... Was he talking about her sweetheart?

    "Are you talking about Ke Mingyu?" Ning Xi raised her eyebrows as if challenging him.

    "Don't tell me there's nothing going on with him! I've been watching you guys for a very long time. If there's nothing between you guys, I'll swallow this rubbish bin whole!" Mo Yuxiu pointed randomly at a steel bin nearby

    Ning Xi made a "tsk-tsk" sound. She realized that Mo Yuxiu had sharp eyes. He did get the person right on his first try after all although she was assuming he would suspect Jiang Muye first.

    She did not answer the question clearly. Instead, she returned with a question, "Then, who does my man need to be in order for you to accept it? I'll get him now and make you choke on the reality of it here and now."

    "You... You're the one choking!" Mo Yuxiu almost gagged on her words.

    "Hey, I'm serious! Tell me! Tell me a name that can make you accept the fact! We'll settle the score today once and for all!" Ning Xi said.

    Mo Yuxiu looked at the girl in front of him, feeling like she was messing around with him, but since he was the one holding a grudge and actually thinking about it...

    Not that he was bragging, but to him, all the male artistes in the entertainment industry, even including Jiang Muye, none of them were up to his standards. As for people outside of the industry, there were not many people he looked up to as well.

    One could not blame Mo Yuxiu for being so arrogant. His father was a rich businessman in Hangzhou, and his second uncle was the Vice CEO of Hollywood's TL Entertainment. On top of that, his family was one of the more prestigious families as well.

    Many people were rich in this era, but most of them would be older men in between 50 to 60 years old. There were many second-generation rich families, but none of them were as good-looking as him...

    Mo Yuxiu thought about it for some time. Only several candidates crossed his mind. The people who could make him really impressed would be...

    "Hey, are you done thinking yet?" Ning Xi prodded impatiently.

    Mo Yuxiu leaned against the wall, lit up a cigarette, and put on an evil grin. "Give up, woman, unless it's Lu Tingxiao or Yun Shen, we wouldn't be done no matter who your man is!"

    The Lu family was the top family in Imperial, and Lu Tingxiao was a legend in the business world. Although Yun Shen had just suddenly appeared in the country, his background was a secret and there were even rumors that he was the king of the underground society...

    Mo Yuxiu purposely gave her two names that seemed impossible, obviously trying to challenge her.

    However, after Ning Xi heard those two names, her expression turned odd...

    She did expect Mo Yuxiu to call out Lu Tingxiao, but she did not expect him to include Yun Shen. She felt a little creeped out when she heard the two names together.

    Nevertheless, the main point now was to settle as much of the problem as possible. After Mo Yuxiu finished his piece, Ning Xi took out her phone and made a call. "Hey, sweetheart, I'm at the emergency exit near the end of the hallway. Can you come over? I need you for something... Yes, now. Mmm, okay... I'll be waiting for you!"

    Mo Yuxiu frowned when he saw Ning Xi make a call. "Who are you calling?"

    Ning Xi smiled broadly. "Take a guess!"