Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482: Youre Here After All

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Jiang Muye was just trying to throw a small private party, then Lu Jingli wanted to join in, but he did not only bring himself. He had brought Lu Tingxiao over too.

Because Lu Tingxiao was joining, several top leaders of the business industry from the charity event just now followed him as well. In the end, even Yun Shen came here

A private party had suddenly become a business gathering. It was not really a place to go wild. They might as well go back and sleep after the event ended, but now they had to endure it longer.

Ning Xi sat there uneasily. She could not feel comfortable at all, so she felt bored and just kept on drinking until her sweetheart looked at her.

A lot of people were around Lu Tingxiao and there was not a free moment at all, but he still stared at her guzzling the drinks.

After the warning stare, Ning Xi smiled and sent Lu Tingxiao a text message: [You're here after all!]

So, it was okay even if she drank a lot!

Lu Tingxiao pretended to listen closely to a CEO talking beside him, then his phone vibrated. He took a glance at it and his expression softened. He did not stop Ning Xi from drinking anymore.

From time to time people talked to Ning Xi out of curiosity with the intention of knowing more.

"Bro Xi, you're really amazing! So many people came to your event! I'm so shocked!"

"Right, I thought the guests for Ning Xueluo's wedding were jaw-dropping enough, but compared to you, that's nothing at all"

Ning Xi sipped some wine before she said plainly, "It's just a coincidence that the company is promoting this. In addition to our Boss's attendance today, I'm just lucky to be the representative this time"

The few artistes seemed to understand after hearing what Ning Xi said.

The line-up of the guests today was impressive and they could not help but think that there was someone else backing Ning Xi up, but when they thought about how Ning Xi had become famous, it did not seem very possible. If she really had a powerful supporter, Ning Xi did not have to be cast in so many minor roles and villain roles before getting to the top

The people with really strong backing were people like Meng Shiyi, who had never cast as any minor characters before. Every one of the movies she acted in was directed by famous directors, and she received the best actress award in her first movie, which would be the perfect example of a rising star.

So, after they heard what Ning Xi said, they did not doubt her at all. In fact, they felt Ning Xi was really down-to-earth due to her honest vibes.

There were a lot of youngsters in the room, and they suggested to play truth or dare. Ning Xi felt a headache the moment she heard them suggest that game. Playing this with the four of them around was digging her own grave!

Without hesitation, Ning Xi used the toilet as an excuse!

She went to an empty corner to take a breather, but just a while of resting while leaning outside the window, there was the sound of footsteps behind her.

Ning Xi turned around and saw a drunk Mo Yuxiu as he stood in front of her.

Ning Xi felt her headache intensify. "Mo Yuxiu, I've already told you what I've got to say. Just what do I need to do to settle things between us? Tell me now!"

Mo Yuxiu ran his fair fingers through his hair, his eyes looking wild as he laughed coldly. "Settle things between us? I freaking lost to a useless man that's ugly, poor, and doesn't even have a strong family background at all! Do you think I can just accept it as it is?"