Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480: Have Fun With You

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If the Zhuang family had come for her wedding banquet today, then all of this should have belonged to her...

This thought tortured Ning Xueluo until she felt like she was going crazy.

Even now as she watched Ning Xi looking bright and beautiful on the red platform, giving a speech with all attention on her, she thought about how her dream wedding had become a nightmare. It was completely ruined...

After Ning Xi finished her speech, there was a thunderous applause from the audience. Then, the host announced that the donation ceremony was about to begin.

In between her racing thoughts and blind fury, Ning Xueluo watched Zhuang Keer walk up stage, while the host introduced the item Zhuang Keer had donated.

It was a bracelet...

Zhuang Keer had clearly said that she would be attending her wedding, yet in the end, she had unexpectedly appeared here, and even donated the bracelet she had left in her car!

Ning Xueluo was as pale as a ghost behind her mask of sweetness. Could the Zhuangsalready know about the mix-up between her and Ning Xi?

Was it because the Zhuangs had realized she was not the biological daughter that they treated her this way?

She was clearly the lady of the Ning family! She was clearly the only daughter that Zhuang Lingyu had personally acknowledged! She was clearly the granddaughter that the Zhuangs should be acknowledging!

Why... Why had it become like this!?

Ning Xi, that witch! Why!?

Worried that if she stayed any longer she would be noticed, Ning Xueluo ground her teeth and rushed to leave with the remaining rationality she had.

Now, she had too many things to resolve apart from Zheng Minjun's anger, and the expected coverage from the media tomorrow...


An hour later, Ning Xi's charity event ended perfectly.

Apart from the guests who had arrived later, Ning Xi had many friends who attended too. Most of them were Glory World Entertainment artistes and some partners she had met from previous shoots.

After the event ended, Jiang Muye, who could not stay, had gathered a huge group of friends on the spot to go to the KTV. Obviously, there were a hundred answers to his single phone call.

Thus, after the group of people left the exhibition centre, they followed Jiang Muye to the KTV.

As the organizer, Ning Xi still had to stay back and finish up some work, but in between, Jiang Muye called many times to rush her.

"Ning Xiao Xi, are you done? Come quickly! Everyone's here. We're all just waiting for you!" Jiang Muye frantically urged her.

Ning Xi was arranging the donation details as she said, "Blondie, have you been injected with chicken blood? What are you so excited for? I'm already tired from the whole day's events! Where am I going to find the energy to have fun with you!?"

From the other end of the phone came Jiang Muye's complaint. "What!? It really doesn't pay to be a good guy. It's not about you having fun with me. I especially organized a gathering to have fun with you, okay?"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrow. "Huh? Why did you specially organize a gathering to have fun with me?"

Jiang Muye snorted unhappily, "It's Su Yan's wedding night tonight! Aren't I afraid that you'd think of nonsense when you're alone tonight and have nothing to do? Enough nonsense. Are you coming or not?"

She did not think that this guy would have even thought of this...

She had almost forgotten about it herself...

When she heard Jiang Muye's impatient tone, Ning Xi's heart warmed. "Okay, okay, send me the address. I'll be there right away. You guys have fun first! Also, it's my treat tonight!"

"Hmph, that's more like it!" Jiang Muye hung up satisfied.

Ning Xi grinned helplessly, then she rushed towards the address Jiang Muye sent her.

Hmm... If she had the ability to see the future and if she had known that she would be tricked by Jiang Muye tragically, she would not have gone even if it killed her...