Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1479

    Chapter 1479: Divorce and Remarry

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    "I really didn't think that my wedding would clash with Ning Xi's event... I'm sorry..." Ning Xueluo choked between sobs, appearing wronged.

    So, why would they have clashed so coincidentally? And on such a bitter note?

    The two families present had started to think about this question, especially Zhuang Lingyu, who was so angry that she immediately cursed in rage, "That brat, she's clearly doing this on purpose!"

    No matter how it happened, it was no longer a matter of consideration. The priority was still to quickly smooth things over.

    After he pondered for a long while, Su Hongguang finally took a deep breath and said, "Let's talk about other things later. Su Yan, immediately take Ning Xueluo out for your toast!"

    Su Yan put his arm over Ning Xueluo's shoulders and ushered her out.

    Ning Yaohua also consoledZhuang Lingyu to go out and attend to the guests.

    Still, Zheng Minjun was still not quite satisfied. Until everyone had left, she shot her husband a dirty look and demanded, "Are you really just going to let it be!?"

    Su Hongguang replied with a whine, "What was I supposed to do then? They've registered, and we've announced it to all our family and friends. Plus, the wedding is also halfway through. How can we still reject the goods now?"

    "I'd really like to return it..." Zheng Minjun muttered.

    "Don't even think about it! It's already chaotic enough. Don't cause trouble for me! Now, we're not even sure about what's with the Zhuangs' attitude yet! Even if we are, they're already married. Are you going to let Su Yan get a divorce? It would look worse then! Aren't you worried that we aren't embarassing enough today?" Su Hongguang was filled with anger.

    When she heard this, Zheng Minjun's thoughts started to run wild. "Whoever said that we have to let them get a divorce now? Obviously, we have to wait and see... If the Zhuang family is really willing to give Ning Xi face and even acknowledge her as their granddaughter, so what if we let Su Yan get divorced? He can then remarry. Whatever it is, it was still the Nings who lied to us Sus first! If they had not intentionally kept it a secret from us, would we have taken in a fake? No matter what we do, we wouldn't be going overboard at all!"

    Su Hongguang did not completely agree when he heard this, but he did not disagree either. He just urged Zheng Minjun to quickly go out and entertain the remaining guests.

    It had already reached this state, so no matter what the situation was, it was irreversible. They could only quickly continue the upcoming toast in the programme. Otherwise, even the remaining guests would leave if they continued to delay.

    The remaining ones who had not yet left were mostly the relatives of both families. If it were not for the shared benefits from their relatives, they would not have been able to hold it in by now. Naturally, they could not wait for the wedding banquet to quickly end.

    Based on the traditional wedding ritual, at least some of the lively guests would mess with the bride and groom, but now the entire wedding banquet was so quiet that it was incredibly awkward.

    Ning Xueluo faced the many peculiar gazes and braced herself to share a toast with Su Yan, then they sent the guests off. As they watched the guests who had just left, they noticed that they were secretly sneaking upstairs right away...

    She had worked on her wedding today for so long and had even invited so many people, yet in the end, she had provided an advantage to Ning Xi!

    Even if she died, she wanted to die with a clear perspective of what had happened!

    Ning Xueluo kept thinking about it and was still upset. When she entered her hotel suite to remove her makeup and change her clothes, she immediately changed plain clothes, put on a face mask, sunglasses, and secretly rushed upstairs. She hurriedly donned a pair of earrings and then sneaked inside.

    When she rushed there, she saw that there were almost no empty seats left in the hall. Even the inner hall that had never been opened to the public was filled.

    She had finally squeezed her way to the front when she saw the honored list of guests sitting in the front row. It was truly an astonishing sight. Every one of them were figures who could make people tremble at the stomp of their foot in the government and business world!

    All these people... were actually here for the Zhuang family?

    After she witnessed the Zhung family's terrifying influence, Ning Xueluo was so resentful that she almost split her lips from biting on them.

    If the Zhuang family had come for her wedding banquet today, then all of this should have belonged to her...