Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478: Really A Huge Loss!

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Zhao Shanshan had gone out of her way and investigated Ning Xueluo before her wedding. Unfortunately, she was not able to gather any solid proof, but now that she found an opportunity, she would never let this chance to humiliate her slip by!

Su Xun had felt uncomfortable when he saw that Su Yan's wedding was organized in a much bigger scale than his. Now that the wedding was falling apart, he was so gleeful that he gloated, "Bro, I really didn't want to say this! But as far as I know, you were in a relationship with Ning Xi, weren't you? Your taste is getting worse... You then picked up someone like this?"

"Shut up!" No matter how well mannered Su Yan was, he looked furious. "I don't need you to comment on my personal matters!"

Su Xun was chuckling happily. After finished messing with Su Yan, he was going to mess with his father. "Father, I'm impressed by your train of thought. What were you guys thinking? That the Zhuang family would recognize this wild fowl Ning Xueluo? Aside from what you guys thought, who do you think the Zhuang family are? Do you think they can't separate the truth from a lie? Will they ignore their true heir and help a non-related wild fowl?"

Su Xun kept on repeating the word "wild fowl", and the faces of Ning Xueluo, Zhuang Lingyu, and Ning Yaohua looked extremely unhappy, but a lot of guests were still outside now. It would only make matters worse if they made a scene here, so they could only bear with it for now.

Ning Yaohua warned, "Su Xun, be careful of what you say!"

At this moment, apart from the sour looks Su Yan's parents had on their faces, they were starting to regret on the inside.

While Su Xun's words were unpleasant, they made sense as he had accurately depicted the whole situation today

Everything had started when the Zhuang family was backing Ning Xi up, which was why so many guests had left. Even people like Lu Tingxiao and Yun Shen went had gone to support, spurring more and more people to go

Could theZhuang family really be there to back Ning Xi up?

Zhuang Lingyu was the daughter of Zhuang Zongren, and her precious child Ning Xueluo could not get any attention from them. On the other hand, Ning Xi being just a little well-known star in the industry was enough to make them invest in so much effort for her?

It was unbelievable, but it really did happen

Su Hongguang and Zheng Minjun looked at each other, noticing the fear in each other's eyes.

If the Zhuang family was really more concerned about Ning Xi, and even accepted and acknowledged Ning Xi, then this marriage between them and the Ning family was really a huge loss!

A hundred Ning families could not even compare to just a fragment of the Zhuang family!

Ning Xueluo saw the faint traces of regret on Su Hongguang and Zheng Minjun's expressions, then she clenched her fists so hard that her manicured fingernails almost broke. She acted calmly and said, "In recent years, the government has been encouraging artistes to use our influential power as celebrities to do more charity work. Ning Xi was probably just lucky and aligned herself with a government project."

Ning Yaohua went along with her, "That's right, that must be it! It's just a coincidence that our events clashed on the same date. No matter what, let's quickly run through the remaining programme! The guests are still waiting for the toast!"

Zheng Minjun's expression hardened. She could not suppress her emotions anymore, and she looked at Ning Xueluo in annoyance. "Going for a toast or to embarrass yourself?!"

Ning Xueluo bit her lips, her eyes were red. "Father... Mother... I'm really sorry. It's my fault. I should've considered more options. I really didn't expect it'd clash with Ning Xi's event"