Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1467

    Chapter 1467: They Have Strong Support Too

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    At the wedding banquet, among the guests who attended the celebration, almost everyone in the entertainment circle had come to show their support. There were even quite some people from the rival company, Glory World Entertainment.

    After all, even though they were attached to Glory World, the company's opposing stances could not limit their private relationships.

    Two female celebrities from Glory World were discussing softly in a corner.

    One of thefemale artistes in a yellow outfit said worriedly, "Sigh, based on Starlight and Glory World's situation, wouldn't it be to our disadvantage for us to be attending Ning Xueluo's wedding? Recently, Ning Xueluo and Ning Xi's relationship seems to be quite tensed too..."

    The female artiste in red was quite unbothered. "Otherwise? If you don't come for such an important occassion, would you rather run to that unpresentable small hall upstairs to join some nuisance charity donation ceremony? If you want to go, you can go yourself!"

    "Huh? I'm just saying... Speaking of which, Ning Xueluo... Ning Xi... Do these two have some kind of blood relation? Their surnames are both Ning..."

    Long ago, when Ning Xi was still at Starlight, Ning Yaohua had already completely shut Ning Xi out from the Ning family just in case, so Ning Xi's identity in the entertainment circle was still unknown till now. Then again, the walls had ears, so it was inevitable for that bit of rumor to leak out.

    When the artiste in red heard the hypothesis, she said, "There is this rumor. It's probably just a baseless claim. If Ning Xi were really related to the Ning family, the Nings won't need to directly go against her as they have done previously. For Xueluo, they withdrew their investments and even chased her out of Starlight. Didn't you notice that Ning Xi didn't appear at such an important occassion today?"

    "That's true..." The artiste in yellow nodded, feeling much more reassured.

    "In fact, the Nings aren't just people who do business as you see on the surface. They have strong support behind them too!"

    "Oh? What do you mean?"

    "I heard that today even Imperial's famed Zhuang family will come! The founding state general, Zhuang Zongren. That Zhuang family! Now, do you understand? Pfft... I'm not talking to you anymore. I have to get down to business!"

    The artiste in red hastily touched up her makeup, then she stood up and sashayed towards one of the old CEOs that she had long been watching.

    Ning Xueluo's banquet had amassed almost all of Imperial's rich and powerful, and they were all cash cows in most people's eyes. It was such a great opportunity that only a fool would refuse to attend.

    Ning Xi had only been reigning as queen after Su Yimo had fallen from Glory World Entertainment and there were no other tigers in the mountain. She was not like Su Yimo who bore the scary title of "Lady Boss of the Lu Corporation" and had an entire backstage supporting her.

    Ning Xueluo did not need to give Ning Xi any face to the extent of giving up such a great opportunity...


    These kind of occasions were most suitable for all sorts of networking. It was also the best opportunity to make connections and discuss collaborations. Basically, everyone had the same goals as the female artiste in red.

    As for the news that the Zhuang family was coming, many of the guests present had heard it too.

    Now, many people had gone to find out the truth from Su Yan's mother.

    "Madam Su, we heard that there'll be someone from the Zhuang family coming. Is it true?"

    Su Yan's mother had already received the confident answer from Ning Xueluo, thus she was smiling from ear to ear at this moment as she said, "Yes, that's true! Earlier, Xueluo just told me that Ms. Zhuang is already on her way!"

    "Eh, Xueluo? How did Xueluo get to know people from the Zhuang family? Madam Su, your daughter-in-law is quite remarkable!"


    Now that Su Yan's mother was surrounded by a group of people, not too far away, Su Xun and his wife looked gloomy, yet they had to forcethemselves not to express their dismay. Who would have thought that Ning Xueluo would suddenly pop up with such a huge supporter!?