Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464: See Through The Trick

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Zhuang Keer was really taken aback. Now, she understood why her father did not want to talk about it. Matters about the elders was pretty difficult to share with the youngsters in the family.

"Ning Yaohua then started using Zhuang Lingyu, who came back and messed with your grandfather. She wanted your grandfather to help him with his business. At that time, she was so naive and thought it would be a really simple matter to get a piece of land. The higher-ups were really strict at that time. In addition to your grandfather's righteous principles, he never even gave his son any special help. Everything your father has achieved was all through his own abilities."

Meng Linlang had probably hold it in for far too long, so her words rushed out all at once. "In the end, after she was rejected, Zhuang Lingyu secretly used the family name and committed bribery. Afterward, your grandfather's political opponent found out, and this matter almost cost your grandfather his career and reputation. Your grandfather was furious and severed ties with her"

Zhuang Keer gaped in shock. "So, that's what happened!"

Meng Linlang sneered, "After he severed ties with her, your father was still a kind person. He went to warn Ning Yaohua with a gun to make him promise that he would treat Zhuang Lingyu well. Otherwise, why do you think Ning Yaohua would always treat Zhuang Lingyu so kindly even when she didn't bear him a son?"

Zhuang Keer finally understood. "Then, what Ning Xueluo said

Meng Linlang laughed coldly. "When we met Zhuang Lingyu a month ago, she was still having that arrogant attitude towards me and your father. She didn't even want to look us in the eye. What makes you think she'd regret what she had done? While Ning Xueluo is young, she's really cunning. She just wants to gain some fame from us!"

"Then, what about this bracelet? Could she intend to get on my good side but was afraid that I wouldn't accept it, so she left it in my car?" Zhuang Keer was confused. Her explanation did not seem to make sense.

"She wanted to trick you to attend her wedding!" Meng Linlang looked at the time. "You can give it some time. She'll call you soon and say she accidentally left her bracelet in your car. She'll make up various excuses about you having to return it to her personally!

"If you go, even if it's just to return the bracelet, the others might not know that and will interpret it as you attending her wedding, even giving her an expensive bracelet as a gift. People will recognize you as the daughter of the Zhuang family, and that you're representing all of us! Thus, Ning Xueluo could boost her value by using us!"

Meng Linlang knew her daughter too well. She only looked cold on the outside, but if Ning Xueluo truly wanted to trick her, there was an 80% chance that she would fall for it.

Fortunately, she had found out about it just in time.

Zhuang Keer bit her lip in disgust as if she had just eaten a fly. "This woman is terrifying"

First, she tried to build a family bond, then to avoid her from not taking the bait, she had purposely left her bracelet in her car. How cunning!

Meng Linlang looked sharply into the distance. "Good one, Ning Xueluo. We haven't looked for her yet and she dares to use us!"

She then stood up and turned to Zhuang Keer. "Did you just say Xiao Xi is setting up her charity fund today?"