Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1463

    Chapter 1463: Not So Simple

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    Zhuang Keer opened the box and took a look. She insisted on confusion, "This isn't mine!"

    The nanny was perplexed as well. "Not yours? Then, is it Madam's? But from the style of the bracelet, it looks like it's made for young girls"

    "It's not mine. I've never seen it before," Meng Linlang declared.

    "That's weird... No one has sat in my car before" Zhuang Keer studied the bracelet again. It was obvious that this bracelet would cost at least a few million dollars.

    Zhuang Keer then suddenly remembered something. "Could it be...Ning Xueluo?"

    "Keer, who?" Meng Linlang frowned a little when she heard the name.

    "She's the daughter of Ning family. Her father is Ning Yaohua, and her mother is called Zhuang Lingyu. I just recently found out that she's my cousin"

    "Cousin?" Meng Linlang frowned deeper. "How is she your cousin?! Wait... How did you know about this? Who told you?"

    "Ning Xueluo told me herself." Zhuang Keer tried to remember what had happened the other day. She told her mother about her meeting Ning Xueluo at the spa centre.

    Meng Linlang listened quietly, then she laughed coldly. "She can really talk! Would Zhuang Lingyu really put the picture by her bedside and miss us? If she actually had a conscience, she wouldn't have done something so terrible back then!"

    "Mother, what exactly happened? I asked Father but he's not willing to tell me anything. He also told me not to mention it in front of Grandfather." Zhuang Keer felt troubled.

    Meng Linlang dismissed the nanny before continuing, "Do you know why your grandfather didn't agree to the marriage of Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua?"

    "Because our families aren't compatible? It shouldn't be that simple, right? If that's the reason, the worst that could've happened would just be some argument. It wouldn'thave blown up to become this serious, would it?" Zhuang Keer said.

    Meng Linlang did not look well, and did not seem very willing to talk about this matter. However,

    After some consideration, Meng Linlang told her, "Actually, the Ning family wasn't a bad match even back then. Although they aren't from any government organization or super rich, they did have a company of their own. Despite it not being really big, you could somewhatcall them rich. Ning Zhiyuan was still the head back then, and the company was growing well. He sent both his sons out into society for two years in order to train them.

    "Sadly, the Ning boys were the worst. The second son, Ning Yaobanghe, was always drinking his life away, and the eldest son, Ning Yaohua, started a small company of his own. He looked like he was doing well, but he was using his good looks and paved his way by seducing different ladies. It was not his first time taking advantage of women.

    "After your father made a thorough investigation about him, he told Zhuang Lingyu about it, yet your ignorant aunt was totally blinded by love. She did not listen at all, and accused us of simply going against her will, and even"

    Meng Linlang looked worse for wear when she reached this point. "Ning Yaohua even tried to have a go at me, but he did it very subtly. There isn't any evidence. I told your father about it, and since your father is a straightforward person, he went and told Zhuang Lingyu about it. You can guess what happene. Not only did she not believe it, she accused me of seducing her man... Ugh, my taste isn't that bad!"