Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 146

    Chapter 146: Unable To Take Anymore Of Your Flirting

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    Shit, they had chatted for so long to distract her, but it had been all in vain!

    How did this man start hitting on her without warning!

    The scariest thing was that he actually didn't realize he was doing it at all!

    If the saying was that no action was the best type of action, and no flirting was the strongest form of flirting, then this was the highest level of flirting ptui ptui ptui

    Her brain was already in a mess, and she didn't know what weird things she was thinking about

    "Are you feeling unwell again?" Seeing her condition, Lu Tingxiaos expression immediately turned tense.

    Ning Xi rubbed her throbbing temples. It wasnt as simple as just feeling unwell. This tide that had surged again was scarier than the first one. In her eyes right now, Lu Tingxiao was just like the male lead in a shoujo 1 series, who came with his own emotional background music and romantic pink cherry blossoms special effects

    Her inner reason clashed with the intense, bewitching, pink rays of light he brought with him, and she felt like she was quickly being possessed.

    In just a few short seconds, Ning Xi had started gasping for breath and was sweating profusely. Seeing this sudden change, Lu Tingxiaos own expression immediately changed. "Where does it hurt, werent you already feeling better? What what kind of pain is it that or something else?"

    Lu Tingxiao felt slightly embarrassed when he remembered what she said earlier about him being scarier than the aphrodisiac.

    This was perhaps the biggest compliment he had ever gotten.

    There was a red light in Ning Xis eyes, and she stared at him without blinking.

    Under that gaze, Lu Tingxiao felt as if his body was on fire.

    With some effort, Ning Xi shook her head, then threw herself onto the big bed and looked at the ceiling helplessly. "Ai, I think I still have to endure it tonight Lu Tingxiao, if I lose control of myself later, remember that you have to knock me out!

    Lu Tingxiao muttered, " Actually, I could"

    Ning Xi immediately stopped him. "Stop stop stop, don't say it! Please my lord boss, pardon me, this humble servant right now is unable to take anymore of your flirting!"

    Lu Tingxiao lifted an eyebrow. "What are you thinking? I was saying, I could leave the room."

    "Eh oh" Ning Xi was embarrassed as she rubbed her nose and murmured, "But its too too boring to stay by myself!"

    She was embarrassed to say that she would be scared.

    Lu Tingxiao understood her worries, and asked gently, "How about we go home?"

    Go home

    Ning Xi was in a daze after hearing those two words, for it was the image of the Lu residence which instantly and naturally popped into her head.

    "Better not, in my current state" She didn't want to bring this utter filth back to that place.

    Out of the corner of her eye, Ning Xi saw documents and laptop which Lu Tingxiao had placed by the side of the bed. "You do your own thing! If I meditate for a bit, I won't run or do anything rash"

    Lu Tingxiao smiled. "Okay."

    In the quiet hotel room, there was only the sound of the clacking of keys on the keyboard. It was like the gentlest lullaby in the world

    With a peaceful expression, the girl slowly closed her eyes

    Noticing the long, steady breaths next to him, Lu Tingxiao stopped what he was doing, and carefully covered her with the blanket.

    The girl made an indistinct noise, then unconsciously grabbed his finger and murmured, "Lu Tingxiao"

    Lu Tingxiaos body trembled, and there was an incomparably moved expression on his face.

    She was calling his name.

    "Yes, don't be scared, Im here." Lu Tingxiao bent down, and his appearance was gentle as he kissed the corner of her mouth.

    But tangled up in that gentle appearance was a dark cloud of turmoil

    1. Shoujo is Japanese for young girl.