Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1456

    Chapter 1456: My Mother

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    "Thank you!" For the past few days, Ning Xueluo had clearly gotten used to such congratulatory wishes, so she thanked the salesgirl politely, then she quietly observed the surroundings.

    Finally, Ning Xueluo's eyes lit up when she saw the objective that she had come for today.

    Zhuang Keer strolled in with a cool elegant aura in her high-heeled shoes, wearing a champagne tailor-made Spirit dress.

    Ning Xueluo looked at the Spirit outfit on Zhuang Keer, and the light in her eyes dimmed for an instant, then she very quickly reined herself in. She pretended that she had not seen her as she put her handphone into her bag and walked towards the direction up front.

    Just as she walked past, a photo had inadvertently fallen out of her handbag, and coincidentally brushed against Zhuang Keer's leg.

    Zhuang Keer subconsciously bent down to pick up the photo and was about to call out to the person in front, but her expression changed slightly when she had a clearer look at the picture...

    This photo seemed to have been taken quite some years ago just by looking at the background, but the photo was newly refurbished. Most importantly, among the five people in it, there were four that she knew!

    In the middle was her grandfather. On the left of her grandfather was her second aunt, third aunt, and on the right was her father. There was also one other woman...

    Even though the people in the photo were much younger, she could confidently recognize them. However, who was that woman beside her father?

    Why would she appear in such a photo that seemed like a family portrait?

    When Zhuang Keer finally regained her senses after being distracted and wanted to call out to the person in front, Ning Xueluo had already walked around the corner.

    "Hi, I'd like to ask who was that lady that just walked over there?" Zhuang Keer could only ask the staff beside her.

    "That... That's the lady of the Ning family, Ning Xueluo!' The staff answered enthusiastically.

    "Ning Xueluo?" Zhuang Keer's expression changed.

    Xiao Xi's sister?

    She had only found out that Ning Xi was the foster daughter of the Ning family after getting close to Ning Xi. Otherwise, she did not know anything else about the Nings.

    However, why would Ning Xueluo have such a picture?

    After a moment's pondering, Zhuang Keer said, "Help me arrange for me and Ms. Ning to be in the same private room."



    After Ning Xueluo entered the room, she laid down comfortably on the genuine leather recliner, waiting for the beautician's service... and Zhuang Keer...

    Indeed, it had not been more than three minutes before the clacking of high heels was heard.

    Zhuang Keer passed her the picture,then said to probe, "Ms. Ning, you seemed to have dropped something."

    When Ning Xueluo saw the picture in Zhuang Keer's hand, her expression instantly changed and she nervously took it back. "Ah! Yes, it's mine... Thank you, thank you! Thank you so much, really!"

    Then, she caressed the photo in her hand lightly like she greatly treasured it.

    Zhuang Keer observed Ning Xueluo's expression as she said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Ms. Ning, may I ask why would you have this picture? Even though it's a little random, the people in this picture of yours is of my grandfather, my father, my second aunt, and my third aunt."

    Ning Xueluo immediately revealed a troubled expression when she heard her as if she had not expected this picture would be exposed to Zhuang Keer.

    At the same time, she had confirmed one thing. It looked like Zhuang Keer was not aware of the fact that she still had one more aunt.

    Ning Xueluo seemed to hesitate for a while. Finally, she ordered the two beauticians, who had just entered, to leave first, then she looked helplessly towards Zhuang Keer and said, "I didn't think that you would accidentally see this picture. Actually, one of the people in this photo is my mother!"