Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1452

    Chapter 1452: Clearly I Forced Myself Onto Him

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    Lu Tingxiao's expression changed slightly.

    Was she saying things like "you're amazing" to him right now?

    This girl was terribly reckless!

    "Sigh, my dearest, what position do you like? Mmm, based on Yun Huang's personality, this position is probably better," Ning Xi said as she flipped over and pushed Lu Tingxiao back. Her fine black hair hung down as she slowly kissed the man's thin lips.

    Lu Tingxiao did not restrain himself anymore. He held the girl's head steady and kissed her back hard.

    Outside the cave, everyone looked so nervous that they were about to puke blood. Bloody hell! This was likescratching an itch through one's boot. They were practically torturing them to death!

    Even though they knew everything inside was fake and was probably an illusion of position, it was as if half her face hid behind a pipa[1], making it 100 times more seductive than just letting one see it clearly...

    With the vines separating those ambiguous and tantalizing movements, Jiang Muye expressed that he had suffered ten thousand points of injury.

    These two people were completely crazy and ridiculous!

    Mo Yuxiu looked extremely upset. He swiftly got up and left.

    Immediately after that, there was a sound by his ear. Jiang Muye seemed to have heard the familiar sound of a teacup being crushed to pieces.

    He carefully looked to the side. Well, Yun Huang's father's teacup had indeed been crushed in his hands.


    This part of the plot would haveroughly 30 seconds of music and flashbacks slotted in, so Guo Qisheng waited 30 seconds later before he called it to a stop. "Cut! Pass!"

    Moments later, Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu walked out. Both their clothes were tidyas if the tantalizing situation earlier had been an illusion.

    "Eh? Did we pass just like that? Director Guo, are you sure?" Ning Xi quickly asked.

    "I'm sure! Don't worry, that shot earlier was perfect! You and Ke Mingyu performed really well!" Guo Qisheng was not stingy with his praises.

    Facing Guo Qisheng's compliments, Ning Xi was oddly not happy. Instead, she sounded slightly regretful as she muttered, "Oh, okay..."

    She hardly had the chance to shoot an intimate scene with the devil, yet she had succeeded with only one take. What a waste! Such a mistake!

    Guo Qisheng looked at Ning Xi weirdly. Why did he feel like this girl's reaction was not very right? Still, she could not figure out what was wrong, so he could only shake his head and forget it. He continued to prepare for the upcoming scenes.


    The next scene involved Ning Xi, Ke Mingyu, and Yun Shen.

    The storyline of this set was about Yun Haotian having realized that his daughter had done it with Liu Yan. He flew into a terrible rage and wanted to kill Liu Yan.

    Mmm, it was rather intense too...

    Jiang Muye braced through his severe injury and continued to stay behind, all because he wanted to continue watching this scene among the three of them.

    At the start, Guo Qisheng was still quite worried about this boss of his. After a few interactions though, he realized that Yun Shen's acting was unexpectedly quite solid, thus he was now much less worried. He shouted to start after briefing the three of them.

    "All departments, get ready! Action!"

    Yun Haotian stood opposite as he looked at his daughter and the black-clothed shadow guardian beside her. His expression did not change, but the aura around him and the air he exuded completely changed within a second.

    That overbearing force was like a huge mountain omnipresently pressuring the two of them. With that gaze that could almost make one tremble from the depths of one's soul, it was definitely a performance method that was a thousand times better than straight up stomping with fury.

    Even the crew members present did not dare to utter a single sound. It was simply too frightening.

    Yun Shen waved his sleeve firmly, then Ke Mingyu bit the blood capsule in his mouth open. For a moment, his figure wavered and he spat out blood.

    Yun Haotian's expression was increasingly dark akin to the Grim Reaper's making his way closer to Liu Yan's direction step by step.

    Yun Huang instantly jumped out to block Yun Haotian. "Father! What are you doing?!"

    "He touched you."

    "Father, wait! Father, can't you speak more sense? Clearly, I forced myself onto him! Father, why would you hit him for nothing?" Ning Xi called him "father" in every sentence, saying it ever so reflexively.


    Yun Shen just did a bad take.