Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 145

    Chapter 145: Become Your Brainless Fan

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    "What is it?" Ning Xi tilted her head.

    Was it because he liked her, so no matter what she did, he thought it was cute? Lu Tingxiao couldn't help touching her little head lovingly. "Do you like diamonds?"

    "Ah?" Ning Xi hadnt expected that he would suddenly ask such a strange question. "Why do you ask?"

    "Today is your birthday, Little Treasure helped me prepare a birthday gift for you. It seems he picked out diamonds. Im helping him ask in case you don't like it." Lu Tingxiao acted normal.

    "So its like that" Ning Xi scratched her head, then said, "Well, diamonds are supposed to be a girls best friend, right? But its just a birthday, and hes a little kid,he shouldnt be getting me something so expensive, so Ill have to say no. Something handmade would be better!"

    Lu Tingxiao said casually, "Its not something so costly, unlike the one you received on set that day, which was truly valuable. Im just worried that after seeing that, anything else would pale in comparison for you."

    Hearing that, Ning Xi immediately facepalmed. "So you also know about that! News really does travel fast dont compare yourself with that weirdo, hes mental!"

    "Is that person your boyfriend?" Lu Tingxiao asked.

    Ning Xi almost choked on her own saliva. "Cough no way! What made you think of something as scary as that?"

    "Because you seemed really close," Lu Tingxiao said in a slightly despondent voice.

    Ning Xis head hurt. "My God! How is that close? Is scolding someone for being mental considered being close?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded. "To me it is. You are always so polite with me, and have never been frank or sharp with me."

    Ning Xi simply didn't know what to say. Was Big Demon King Lu secretly a masochist? Did he like being treated a little more harshly?

    "In short, he has nothing to do with me now! He hes just mental, and stupidly likes to throw diamonds at people! If I ever see him again, Ill definitely throw it right back at him!" Ning Xi said in a relaxed tone, but there was a hint of dread when she was talking about that person.

    "Nothing to do with you now, then does that mean there was something there before?" Lu Tingxiao picked up on this point specifically.

    Ning Xi coughed. "That you could maybe say we dated before if just one day counts"

    For some reason, Ning Xi cared about Li Tingxiaos opinion of her. She grabbed her hair. "Lu Tingxiao, do you think its bad of me to have dated so many guys before?"

    Lu Tingxiao looked very serious, and replied as if he was answering an extremely important question: "No, everyone has their own way of living, and they have things they dont want anyone else to know. People who dont know the truth have no right to stand on a high pedestal and punish or denounce other people."

    Ning Xis heart was warmed, and she smiled. "Lu Tingxiao, you sound like my brainless fan, no matter what I say, youll think Im correct, right?"

    "Brainless fan?" Lu Tingxiao didn't quite understand what this meant.

    "Thats right, it describes those completely irrational fans who support their idols whether theyre right or wrong!"

    Lu Tingxiao thought for a while, then murmured, "Mm, thats very accurate."

    Ning Xi: ""

    Ning Xi looked like she was silently struggling to contain some kind of emotion, and after a long beat, she sighed deeply. "Lu Tingxiao do you know"


    "Do you know, you are scarier than the aphrodisiac!" The look on Ning Xis face was twisted as she pulled on her collar painfully.