Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1446

Chapter 1446: Sex Scene With The Devil

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Such acknowledgment filled Lu Tingxiao's heart to the brim with melted emotions and contentment. At the same time, he obviously had his secret concerns.

However, the worry that had just appeared on his face was disrupted.

The room door was pushed open, then they saw Little Treasure with his puffed-up cheeks as he stood angrily at the door. His little face had an expression that said, "You are despicable! Stealing my mother again?"

Lu Tingxiao found the spectacle comical and he waved to his son. "Come over."

The little guy was obviously not willing, but he could care less when he saw his mother. He instantly ran over.

His short legs took quite an effort to climb up the bed, and Lu Tingxiao chuckled a little as he pulled his son up, placing him in the middle.

Ning Xi swiftly forgot about the father once she had her son beside her. She hugged and kissed her dearest little bun, while the little bun also hugged his mother and shot a warning look towards his father behind him.

Lu Tingxiao's brows hiked up. He watched his son with a pensive look, suddenly feeling a little anticipation. If the little guy knew that Ning Xi was his biological mother, if he knew that he had been the love child of both him and Ning Xi, what would his reaction be like?


In the next few days, ever since Ning Xi had returned to her usual state, the entire team's progress started to soar.

It was worth mentioning that almost every time Meng Shiyi acted with Ning Xi, she would do a few bad takes. If it was a minor hiccup, it would be three to five takes.However, if she performed really badly, it would go up to more than ten takes, and almost every time it was Meng Shiyi's fault.

Even though the final cut that was produced at the end was exceptionally good,when the two werecontrasted, Ning Xi and Meng Shiyi's acting skills could immediately be measured up to see who was worthy and who was not.

Perhaps because the last time Ning Xi had recorded the video that made her more careful, Meng Shiyi had unexpectedly not caused any more trouble and was unusually content with her place.

Ning Xi was obviously delighted with the peace and quiet too.

Apart from the first time that she had intentionally overshadowed Meng Shiyi in the scene, in all the scenes after that, she performed very seriously. However, once she started to take things seriously, her acting skills would naturally soar. If Meng Shiyi could not keep up, many of the effects in the plot would not be executed to their full potential.

Every day with Meng Shiyi just trying to keep up with Ning Xi and wanting to overthrow her consumed almost all her energy.

As for Guo Qisheng, seeing the two female leads really go all in to bring the show to greater heights was exactly what he had been hoping for.

Even when she acted with Yun Shen, Ning Xi couldbe at peace with herself and call him "Father".

On the contrary, it was the scene with Lu Tingxiao today that really made Ning Xi slightly nervous...

Mmm, that was right! It was finally time for Yun Huang and Liu Yan's sex scene.

This plot in this scene was Yun Huang being infected by the charm poison, so she wanted to look for her beloved, Ling Xiao, to detoxify, then take advantage of the situation to sleep with him. She did not think that she would coincidentally witness Ling Xiao's emotional confession to Leng Aoxue. In fact, he had nervously completely cleared himself of any relations with Yun Huang in front of Leng Aoxue.

Yun Huang felt unbearably hurt and firmly left Xuanji Palace Mountain, forcing herself to drag her tortured body that was on the verge of being possessed by the poison as she walked muddleheaded into the dangerous jungle of wicked beasts...

Right at this moment, the shadow guardian Liu Yan appeared, and next up... was the erotic sex scene between the both of them in the mountain caves...

"Oh! I'm so nervous! Ah!" Ning Xi covered her face and looked bashful.

She had never even rolled in bed sheets with the devil in real life!

She would never have thought that their first time would be in a show!

Jiang Muye watched Ning Xi's expression that displayed her clear excitement yet she was pretending to be innocentfrom the sidelines and his face turned dark.

In reality, after seeing the scene arrangements for the day, he did not look happy at all.

Bloody hell! This was really karma. Back then, Lu Tingxiao had to watch his intimate scene with Ning Xi before he stormed off. In the blink of an eye, it was his turn to watch Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao act out an intimate scene, and it was even a sex scene! A sex scene!

Still, Jiang Muye could not help but look towards a few different directions. It seemed like there were people with more miserable reactions than his!