Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1445

    Chapter 1445: Dream Without Clothes?

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    After Lu Jingli left, Lu Tingxiao looked through the report numerous times again before he put it away carefully.

    He slowly opened the door to Ning Xi's room. The mellow lamp added a veil of tranquility over the mother and son; anyone who saw this scene would surely be affected by the gentle vibe.

    Lu Tingxiao sat by the bed, tucking Ning Xi's hair behind her ears.

    Little Treasure was hugging her and they were sleeping soundly. With her makeup removed, she actually looked really young.

    Right, she was just at the tender age of a regular university graduate.

    She was 18 when she had been pregnant, still a child herself and she had to face such a serious matter. Then, so many dramatic incidents kept happening. Had it been someone with weaker mental strength, the person would either break down or shut down completely.

    In the documents Lu Jingli investigated, Ning Xi did try to commit suicide before

    Lu Tingxiao was really afraid. He felt a searing pain in his heart.

    He had never felt such a strong desire to hold her in his arms before... He wanted her to merge into one with him

    Lu Tingxiao quietly carried Ning Xi up and placed her in his bedroom.

    Although Lu Tingxiao had been very careful, Ning Xi still woke up when she was laid down on his bed.

    Because Lu Tingxiao gave her a sense of security, Ning Xi let down all her guards. She opened her eyes and realized that Lu Tingxiao had brought her back to his bedroom but she had no issues with it. She rubbed against Lu Tingxiao comfortably. "Mmm... My dear"

    "Mmm." Lu Tingxiao did not take back his hand which was supporting Ning Xi's head. He just lay beside her like that.

    Ning Xi snuggled closer to the man. "Why aren't you asleep yet?"

    "I miss you. I dreamt of you."

    Listening to his loving voice, hearing him say that he missed her while she was just in the room beside him, she felt really loved. She smiled as she opened her eyes.

    Her eyes were like the stars in the sky, ever so beautiful. In addition to her half-awake state, she seemed really seductive

    Just then, Ning Xi's severe habit of flirting started. She looked at the man beside her and whispered, "You dreamt of me? With clothes on... Or without?"

    Suddenly, the man's eyes darkened. As Ning Xi was still talking, he kissed Ning Xi roughly

    Ning Xi's neck felt tickled and she laughed as she was trying to avoid him. "That tickles!"

    Lu Tingxiao slowly kissed the girl's collarbone and traced further down. He looked up slightly and saw the girl's smile as well as the complete trust and love she had in him, making him fall for her even more

    When they had just known each other, he noticed Ning Xi was really against relationships and when he could not suppress himself, he would resort to pretending like he had sleepwalking issues in order to get closer to her.

    Fortunately, now not only was she comfortable, she was totally used to being intimate with him.

    Lu Tingxiao felt really touched and grateful, but at the same time, his worries still lingered