Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1442

    Chapter 1442: No Matter The Results

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    At the same time, the little goldfish at the villa opposite was almost going crazy.

    Although only a few hours had passed, it was a cruel punishment to make him wait with such a significant secret near him and not being able to see it.

    As Lu Jingli was about to open the DNA test results, his brother finally called him.

    "Come over."

    Lu Jingli sprinted like an athlete when his brother summoned him, and he reached there swiftly.

    Although his brother had called him, he was a little traumatized by Ning Xi this afternoon. Lu Jingli looked around carefully before entering the premises.

    "Bro! Is Xiao Xi Xi asleep?" Lu Jingli asked in a low voice, still panting from the sprint just now.


    "Oh" Lu Jingli carefully closed the door of the study room and locked it from the inside. He felt relieved and walked towards his brother as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

    Lu Tingxiao focused on the black suitcase Lu Jingli had with him.

    Lu Jingli carefully opened the suitcase and took out a report from inside, placing it in front of Lu Tingxiao.

    A single piece of paper that felt as heavy as a mountain.

    Lu Jingli still felt like this was surreal... Because this was just... Too fantasy-like!

    After a long while, Lu Tingxiao did not seem to have any intentions of opening it and he became nervous. "Bro, what's wrong?"

    Many things were going on inside Lu Tingxiao's head as if the item in front of him governed his life and his death.

    Some time passed. Lu Tingxiao still did not touch the report, so Lu Jingli asked, "Bro, actually I think you're overthinking it. That bastard would never be you! This report will surely prove your innocence! If you're not looking, then I'll take a look! I've risked myself for it after all! I'll just take a look and not tell you, alright?"

    Lu Tingxiao remained silent, so Lu Jingli went on and fingered the report. "I'm going to look now. I'm really going to look now.I promise if you're not going to ask me, I'll not say anything"

    Lu Jingli then quickly took out the report. He scanned it and locked his gaze onto the very last line.

    "The genes underwent Mendel's Law inheritance and were processed through relationship identification. From the test results of 19 STR genes, Ning Xi's genes met the assumption of being Lu Qinyu's mother. The accuracy of their parental relationship is 99.99%...

    "According to the DNA analysis, the hypothesis of Ning Xi being Lu Qingyu's biological mother is proven true."

    When Lu Jingli read the last line, even though Lu Tingxiao did not see it for himself and Lu Jingli did not say anything, he just knew Lu Jingli too well. From a tiny expression of his, he already knew the results of the report.

    Ning Xi... was the real mother of Little Treasure

    "Bro, you... Why are you looking at me? I didn't say anything"

    Wordlessly, Lu Tingxiao accused, "But your eyes were yelling, 'Ahh! Oh my God, oh my God, Xiao Xi Xi is really Little Treasure's mother! The bastard that night was really my brother!'"