Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1436

    Chapter 1436: Free of Worries

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    When she heard this, Ning Xueluo was instantly stunned. She was just wondering why Su Yan's mother was suddenly so friendly and eager to her tonight. She did not think that it would have been because of the Zhuangs...

    Ning Xueluo immediately revealed an embarrassed and awkward expression. "Well, I've never heard my parents mention it. On the guest list, there doesn't seem to be any sign of people from the Zhuang family..."

    Su Yan's mother instantly frowned, then she held Ning Xueluo's hand again as she spoke earnestly, "Xueluo, in any case, we're already a family now, so there are some things I still need to say. Which parents aren't at fault in this world? As parents, don't we all just want the best for the future generation? Your mother has been estranged from the Zhuang family for so many years already. It's time to let go. What do you think?"

    Ning Xueluo chose her words carefully. "Obviously, I hope that Mother can bury the hatchet with Grandfather too. I hope for the entire family to be harmonious and happy, but you know Mother's personality as well..."

    Something flashed in Su Yan's mother's eyes. "Silly child, there are some things that your mother obviously can't do in fear of hurting someone else's feelings. The Zhuang family needs a way out too. Now, we'll obviously need to rely on you young ones.

    "Next month, your wedding will be a good and rare opportunity! If, at this moment, you make the initiative to invite the Zhuangs and give them a way out, as long as they have the intention to reconcile, they'll definitely come.

    "Then, once the Zhuangs arrive, on such an occassion like your wedding, even if your mother is unhappy, she definitely won't make it obvious. Taking advantage of the joyous atmosphere, everyone can talk about some things in common. Wouldn't the awkwardness be resolved then?

    "After all, the Zhuangs disagreed with the marriage between your mother and your father back then because they felt they were not an appropriate match. Now that the Ning family is expanding, while you're so well-educated, bright, and competent, added with the fact that you are now in-laws with us Sus too, no matter what, the Zhuang family should have a change in their attitudes..."

    Su Yan's mother did not even think about the issue of whether Ning Xueluo was the biological daughter of the Ning family or not. Even Zhuang Lingyu had acknowledged Ning Xueluo as her daughter, so the Zhuang family would obviously do the same. Otherwise, would they still get close to Ning Xi who had been scorned by the Ning family?

    Su Yan's mother had spoken so much, and to such a logical extent, yet there was an unpleasant look on Ning Xueluo's face.

    If Su Yan's mother could think of it, how could she have not?

    Right from the start, she had already secretly sent an invitation to the Zhuang family, but it had been many days and there was not a single response from their end. Clearly, they did not have any intentions of acknowledging the Nings.

    Now, there was Su Xunglaring like a tiger watching his prey on the Su family's side. Su Xun's wife was not one to be messed with. If that was just the case, based on her connections in the entertainment circle, her own company, and the Ning family's shares in her hands, it would be more than enough for her to gain a foothold after marrying into the Su family.

    However, now that the scandal of her not being the biological daughter of the Ning family had caused such a ruckus, it was like a time bomb hanging over her head. If she could have the Zhuang family's backing, she could then be free of worries.

    Ning Xueluo obviously could not just tell Su Yan's mother about how dismissive the Zhuangs were towards the Nings, so she said, "Aunty Su, I understand what you mean. I'll try my best to invite the Zhuangs!"

    When she saw that Ning Xueluo was intelligent enough to understand her intentions, Su Yan's mother nodded, pleased.

    A darkness flashed across Ning Xueluo's eyes. It looked like she needed to think of another way to handle the Zhuang family...