Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1434

    Chapter 1434: Obviously The Woman

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    The man clad in the traditional Chinese outfit walked inside the house. Along the way, everyone was filled with nerves and no one dared to say anything.

    In the master bedroom upstairs, Yun Shen was lying on the recliner on the balcony. On the short table beside his hand was a script and a box of biscuits.

    When he heard movement, the man leaned over to see who it was. In a lazy drawl, he said, "Uncle Qiao, what wind has blown you here?"

    Qiao Yu looked upset. He first raised his hand to dismiss everyone else, then he spoke with a frigid expression. "Ah Shen, don't forget the purpose of your return to the country! Is it for the Lu family or a woman?!"

    Under the moonlight, Yun Shen's expression was cool and frivolous. "Obviously, the woman."

    Qiao Yu choked. "Yun Shen!"

    "Huh, what!? I'm just kidding! Don't be so tense!" The man laughed lightly.

    Qiao Yi's face was covered with gloom. He had raised this person before him, and the person who understood Yun Shen the most in the world was him. Sadly, he was not sure when it began, but he actually felt that he could no longer read him anymore...

    "As long as you know it well in your heart!" Qiao Yi huffed before he walked out with a stiff expression.

    In the corridor, Tang Ye stood as straight as a ramrod and waited.

    "Ah Ye, follow me."

    Tang Ye seemed to expect that Qiao Yi would look for him. The fists by his side tightened slightly before he followed Qiao Yi into a study room.

    Under the dim lights, Qiao Yu's expression was a little bleak. "Ah Ye, the three-month period is up. Don't tell me that despite so many of you catching Tang Lang, none of you could lay a hand on him!"

    Tang Lang's eyes were instantly filled with darkness and he knelt down at once. "Master, Tang Lang..."

    Qiao Yi raised his hand and cut him off. "Ah Ye, I know you and him grew up together. You love each other like brothers. How could my heart not ache? Usually, when he causes trouble, have I ever said a word? But this time, it is a capital offense to betray the faction. For the sake of our master-disciple relationship, I've let you make the move. I've already offered extreme benevolence towards him!"

    When he said this, there was clear stress and warning in Qiao Yi's eyes. "I will give you seven more days, Ah Ye. Don't disappoint me!"


    At this same time, at the Ning family's official residence, the house wasdecorated with lanterns and colored banners. It was a lavish party of glitz and glam in the living room.

    Today, it was the auspicious day of the engagement between the Su and the Ning families.

    Because it was just an engagement party, everyone present were the relatives from the two families. Even so, the occasion was still rather grand; those who came and went were figures of prestige.


    "The two children are really perfect with each other. They are a match made in heaven!"


    All of the guests courteously offered congratulatory and celebratory wishes as if the incident of Ning Qiutong publicly exposing Ning Xueluo's life history at the cocktail event the other day had never happened.

    Now that even Ning Yaohua's shares had been passed to Ning Xueluo, the Sus would carry out the wedding as planned next month to take Ning Xueluo into their family. Those with eyes would know which of the two Ning daughters were more important. No one would mention that incident on such an occasion.

    Ning Xueluo clung onto Su Yan and was busily receiving all the guests, accepting everyone's well wishes and envious gazes. There was a contentment that she had never felt before in her heart.

    This was just the beginning. In the future, what she would be getting would be so much more... Much more...

    Sadly, that witchNing Xi was not there that day. She could not see all of this for herself...

    However, that was fine. It was her wedding next month. When that happened, the entire city would bear witness to all of this. Even if she wanted to avoid it, she would not be able to!