Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1433

    Chapter 1433: No Problem

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    Moments later, in the car, Shi Xiao drove as he kept looking through the rearview mirror at the person in the back seat.

    Ning Xi was listlessly leaning against Lu Tingxiao. As she kept yawning, her pair of starry eyes watered. She had done so many scenes in a row today and had used up too much energy. Once she got the chance to relax, it was immediately hard to stay awake any longer.

    Lu Tingxiao helped to adjust the girl into a comfortable position. "If you're tired, then sleep for a while."

    Ning Xi nodded with sleepy eyes. She lay on Lu Tingxiao's lap and shut her eyes. Very soon came the sound of drawn-out, exhausted breathing.

    Lu Tingxiao took out a blanket from the storage compartment and gently covered the girl with it, then he ordered the person driving up front without even looking up, "Increase the temperature a little."

    Before Shi Xiao's brain could process the order, his body had already swiftly increased the temperature of the air conditioner by a little.


    This automatic conditioned reflex terrified him.

    Was this person truly his boss?!

    Even though he had completely changed his face, in a situation where the man was not intentionally keeping a low profile at that moment, his presence and his every move were incredibly natural, especially that loving gaze when he looked at Ning Xi... Mmm, that was his boss, no doubt...

    He knew that things like a human-skin mask existed, but he would never have thought that his boss would use such a method to accompany Ning Xi on drama sets and actually act. This was pampering to the point of defying the natural order!

    Ke Mingyu...

    The boss had, in fact, already joined the crew during "Dream Chaser", entering the team to protect Miss Xiao Xi himself.

    When he thought about this, Shi Xiao's expression could not help but darken. If it was not for him losing his boss's trust, the Boss would not have needed to go to this extent.


    At night, at Peachwood, after Ning Xi woke up from her sleep, she immediately got busy in the kitchen.

    Annie ran over worriedly. "Bro Xi, let me help you! How many days are you going to spend making so many biscuits!?"

    "Never mind, it's done." Ning Xi waved her hand.

    Ding! She opened the oven door and a strong waft of sweetness filled the air.

    Ning Xi put on a pair of thick mittens and took out the biscuits.

    Annie was just about to comment on how it was not enough, but when she took a closer look at the biscuits, she was instantly speechless.

    "Success!" Ning Xi swiftly packed the biscuits up in a box and then clapped her hands.

    Ning Xi had made eight biscuits. Every one of the biscuits had a word scrawled on with jam. Putting them together would make "nine", "thousand", "nine", "hundred", "and", "ninety", "nine", "biscuits".

    Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine biscuits. No problem!

    To deal with illogical maniacs, you would need to use unusual logic!

    Obviously wanting to get this over with as soon as possible, Ning Xi immediately rushed to the suburbs to deliver the biscuits when she had just finished. After she passed it to 16, she did not stay longer. She left the biscuits in the woman's hands and immediately ran off.

    Little did she know that not too long after she left, outside the haunted old residence in the suburbs, a black, low-profile car had stopped mystically at the entrance.

    The person in the driver's seat quickly got down and walked to the back before carefully opening the back door.

    Moments later, a 50-odd-year-old man in a traditional Chinese outfit and white hair stepped down from the car. Feng Jin and four other bodyguards followed behind him with solemn and respectful expressions.

    The man in the Chinese outfit had just walked to the door when Tang Ye personally went up to greet him. He lowered his gaze and spoke with utmost respect, "Master!"

    "Mmm." The man in the Chinese outfit responded expressionlessly, "Where's Ah Shen?"

    "Inside the house."