Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1431

    Chapter 1431: Providing For A Pretty Boy

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    "Don't worry, she didn't touch me," Lu Tingxiao comforted.

    "But I saw it! I saw her rub her chest against you!" When she said this, Ning Xi got even angrier.

    "Do you think that I would have let her touch me?" The man's wide palm rubbed the hair of the girl who was about to explode. The haze that lingered in between his brows the entire day today had also quietly dispersed. "I moved back and evaded it. Just that from your angle, it looked like we touched."

    It turned out she had viewed it wrongly from a misalignment of position. She knew that the devil would not have just let anyone take advantage of him.

    Only when she heard this, did the fire of fury in Ning Xi's heart somewhat extinguish a little.

    Freaking hell! She had been on edge for so long and had been worried that Lu Tingxiao would fall into the vinegar jar [1], but who would have thought that in the end, it was she who almost died from drowning in vinegar... Jeez...

    After she cooled down, Ning Xi's recent uneasy frame of mind had already calmed down quite a lot. Her relationshipwith Lu Tingxiao would not reach to the extent of being affected by this little matter. Since Lu Tingxiao was fine, she had nothing to be worried about then...

    Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao walked towards the car park. They noticed two people strolling from the other side directly opposite them. Coincidentally, it was Meng Shiyi and her assistant.

    This wastrulya case of enemies on a narrow road.

    "Why is it that no matter where we walk, we bump into this crappy vase? How unlucky!" Meng Shiyi's assistant was muttering despicably.

    Meng Shiyi immediately revealed an expression that was delighted about getting on Ning Xi's nerves when she saw her, then she looked mockingly towards Ke Mingyu beside her and smirked maliciously. "Huh, Ning Xi... I wonder... If your manager and your fans know that you're providing for a pretty boy. Sleeping with a junior from the same company... How would their reactions be like?"

    When she heard this, Ning Xi instantly raised her brows.

    Huh? Sleeping with him?

    She liked this term! She liked the party she was sleeping with even more.

    Meng Shiyi watched as Ning Xi did not seem in the least concerned. Her expression then turned gloomy, and she spoke sternly, "Ning Xi! Do you think that I can't do anything to you because I don't have evidence? Huh, I'm telling you, when I, Meng Shiyi, speak in the entertainment circle, I don't need evidence!"

    Indeed, with Meng Shiyi's status, if she were to expose Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu's scandal, even if everyone did not completely believe her, word would get around and most of them would talk.

    When she heard this, Ning Xi laughed then she slowly took out her phone and played a video. She mocked, "Top actress Meng, obviously, you don't need evidence when you speak, but mere characters like us... Well, we obviously need to have some evidence when we speak!"

    Ning Xi played the video showing Meng Shiyi doing many bad takes in a row and losing her self-control. On the screen, she was fuming mad after the bad takes, and there was even a scene of her flying into a terrible rage.

    After she guessed that Meng Shiyi might have found out about her relationship with Ke Mingyu, Ning Xi had long asked Xiao Tao to quietly help her record the scenes.

    As the saying went,a beggar can never be bankrupt. It was fine if she did bad takes, but it mattered very much to Meng Shiyi. Besides, Meng Shiyi had even done those bad takes in front of someone like her, a junior she felt was beneath her, a rookie, a vase, an idol camp...

    Meng Shiyi did not think that Ning Xi would have had something up her sleeves. Her expression instantly changed. She was so angry that her face turned a livid purple. "You!"

    If this video was shared with the public, the consequences would be more severe than Ning Xi and Ke Mingyu's scandal. Within the entertainment industry, scandals were commonplace. Even though there would be outcomes, it would be limited. Besides, Meng Shiyi would be speaking like an empty vessel since she did not have enough evidence that could shock and attract eyeballs. However, to Meng Shiyi, the video in Ning Xi's hands could ruin her image that she had worked so hard to build.

    Thus, Ning Xi had correctly predicted that Meng Shiyi would definitely not dare to act rashly.

    When she saw that she had achieved theresults she wanted, Ning Xi had no patience to be long-winded with her, so she just held Ke Mingyu's hand right in front of her and left swiftly.

    Behind them, Meng Shiyi almost passed out from anger. Besides the fact that she could not do anything to her, she had even been thoroughly made a fool of!