Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1430

    Chapter 1430: Which Hand Did She Touch

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    "Sis Shiyi, do you still want to continue? Should I tell the director that we'll continue tomorrow?" The assistant suggested after seeing Meng Shiyi make so many mistakes.

    Not only was it not effective, it made Meng Shiyi fly into a rage. "What are you talking about!? Continue!"

    If she left right now, she would become a joke to everyone!

    Because Meng Shiyi insisted, the 14th take started.

    All the staff stayed focused and continued.

    Under everyone's gaze and face to face with Ning Xi, a fear welled up inside Meng Shiyi. This woman... she was the devil

    Soon, it would reach the part she had failed 13 times.

    Meng Shiyi's palms were sweating while she grasped the sword.

    "I will kill his entire faction!" Yun Huang stated.

    Ning Xi's performance was still as impressive as ever. After repeating it so many times, she could still make everyone immerse themselves in it; it was so powerful every time. Anyone who knew anything about acting would definitely be impressed

    The only difference was that Meng Shiyi noticed the force that was holding back her throat was now gone. She caught the opportunity and finally finished the line she had not been able to let out for so long

    "Cut! Good take!" Guo Qisheng yelled with great excitement.

    Although it had taken 14 times, it was definitely worth it. Both the main leads had given it their all, and the outcome was amazing.

    "Shiyi, like I said, people will have times when they aren't in the right state. It's just several bad takes, so don't mind it so much! It was really great just now!" Guo Qisheng tried to smooth things over.

    Although Meng Shiyi did not look very happy about it, she was exhausted and was too tired to say anything.

    Damn it... She underestimated that witch

    There were still several scenes afterward, mostly related to Ning Xi.

    One of it was a fighting scene with the secondary male lead Mo Yuxiu, while the other one was a romantic scene with the main male lead Jiang Muye.

    After the 14 retakes just now, not only did Ning Xi not look tired, she was all fired up. She helped Mo Yuxiu and Jiang Muye immerse into their scenes. Both scenes passed on their first take, and the effects were outstanding. It was on par with the quality of a movie.

    Guo Qisheng could not stop smiling when he was looking at the footages. Mo Yuxiu was really going at her with the intention to kill, and the scene with Jiang Muye was really tear-jerking...

    The day came to an end.

    Finally, Ning Xi got the chance to look for her sweetheart.

    They went to a corner without anyone around. Ning Xi pushed Lu Tingxiao against a wall and bit the man's lips.

    The man grunted. His big palms supported the girl's hips, aiding her to commit her crimes

    "Which hand did she touch?! This one?! Or this one?" The girl fumed.

    Seeing the girl's jealous face and thinking about her being in her rage mode just now, the man looked really amused. He gently kissed her red lips and laughed.

    "Stop laughing!" Ning Xi glared at him.