Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1429

    Chapter 1429: How Violent

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    After a short break, the fourth take started.

    Bad take after bad take, the streaks of bad takes continued.

    Then, it was the fifth time, sixth time, seventh time

    More and more people gathered around in surprise.

    Until the 12th time!

    Ning Xi seemed to have retaken the same scene 12 times as well just now.

    Just as everyone was thinking about it, Meng Shiyi did another bad take.

    13 times

    She made even more mistakes than Ning Xi

    After the 13th time, Meng Shiyi almost broke down. She tossed the sword in her hand away. Then, she went into the resting lounge and swept all the cups and pots on the table to the floor.

    With all the clanging and the scattering shards all over the floor, her pale assistant covered her ears. "Sis-Sis Shiyi"

    "Get lost!"

    Everyone looked at each other when they saw Meng Shiyi go crazy.

    No matter how hard they wanted to find an excuse for her, it was the 13th time, and she had made the simplest mistake of forgetting her lines. That really did not add up to her famed title as the actress of the year.

    It was such a rookie mistake

    "So, that's all an actress of the year has got," someone said.

    Among the crowd, there was an excited voice, "The main attraction is Ning Xi! Her acting just now was so cool!"

    "Right, despite being the main antagonist, she was really cool! I want to marry Ning Xi! Why does it feel like Yun Huang is cheating with Liu Yan instead? I feel so angry right now!"

    "Director Guo was not exaggerating after all! Ning Xi's acting is really superb! She probably wasn't feeling well before"

    "Then, there's Meng Shiyi. Both her acting and personality are overrated"

    Meng Shiyi was furious as she heard everyone discussing her and she glared at Ning Xi's direction.

    Damned witch, what did you do?

    Why could I not say the lines?! Just exactly why?

    Could it be... Could it be... That I'm being suppressed?

    No! Impossible!

    That decorative ornament without any real acting skills would never know how to do it. In the whole industry, there were not many people who could do such a thing, and at most, it could only be used against newbies. Ning Xi would never be able to pull it off

    Meng Shiyi did not want to believe it since just a while ago, she made Ning Xi retake the same scene 12 times

    "Wow... How violent" Jiang Muye was enjoying what was happening.

    Sigh... Why do some people hate living so much? Why do they have to seek death instead!?

    Jiang Muye thought about it. Ning Xi had not really been herself recently. He did not expect her to be this furious just because Meng Shiyi had touched his uncle slightly, and it was not even direct skin contact

    Jiang Muye's expression darkened and he looked slightly bitter.

    He knew it. The moment his uncle joined the production, he was going to see these situations happening. He just did not expect so much to happen on the first day.

    At the same time, Yun Shen never said anything after the shooting for this scene started. He just sat there quietly under the shade, his evil-looking face concealed in the shadows. Although no one was able to see his face, his two bodyguards were stiff as if they were facing a powerful enemy.

    They had followed their boss for many years, so they knew his mood exactly. His mood right now was extremely terrible