Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1428

    Chapter 1428: Its Just Getting Started

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    Ning Xi had brought her acting to another level again and Guo Qisheng was really excited.

    "You witch! You"

    Unfortunately, Meng Shiyi faced another bad take again.

    Ning Xi's attitude and her lines seemed to lack strength on the surface, but for some reason, Meng Shiyi felt like there was an uncrossable realm in front of her. She just could not move at all.

    Damn it! What had happened to her!? Why could she not say her lines?

    If the first time was just a coincidence, then this time... She felt that things were not as simple as it seemed

    Meng Shiyi looked a little pale. She frowned and looked at Ning Xi's direction. Ning Xi drank some water offered by her assistant and gave Meng Shiyi a chilling smile.

    "Sis Shiyi, what happened? Are you tired? It's all her fault for having so many bad takes just now! She wasted your effort!" The assistant quickly consoled Meng Shiyi.

    Meng Shiyi's expression softened with her assistant's comforting words.

    Somewhere nearby, Jiang Muye was munching on some melon seeds like a chipmunk. He looked at Meng Shiyi with a cold smile. "Heh... Can't take it anymore? It's just about to start"

    The third take started soon.

    Meng Shiyi flipped through her well-memorized script again. She made sure that she would not make any mistakes again this time. Shortly, the shooting resumed.

    Meng Shiyi did not want to be careless again, so she prepared herself and brought everything she had for the first time ever since she had joined this crew.

    As she finished her lines, her charismatic aura was so impressive that everyone focused on her. Even the cameraman quickly did a close-up shot of her.

    The wind blew stronger

    Yun Feng was like a scorching phoenix. Her eyes were full of disdain towards humans subsiding to the rules of morality. She overstepped the rules and stared at Meng Shiyi as if she was watching some lowly ants. She proceeded with her frivolous line

    This time, Meng Shiyi just stood there stunned. She could not even say the word "witch".

    As for everyone else, including the working staff and artistes, they were mesmerized by Ning Xi's expression.

    Those were such rude and frivolous words, yet everyone was taken in by that maniac attitude and fell for it

    After some time, everyone returned to their senses.

    Their first reaction was that it felt surreal

    Had Ning Xi just transported everyone into the scene?!

    Suddenly, everyone then also realized that Meng Shiyi had made a mistake again.

    Although she complained about Ning Xi just now, she had made three mistakes in a row as well.

    From everyone's perspective, Ning Xi was famous because of just her looks and it was normal for her to have bad takes, but when it happened to the actress that everyone looked up to, the person that was supposed to crush Ning Xi, it was really surprising

    Meng Shiyi looked extremely unwell.

    "Sis Shiyi, she must've really exhausted you. Come and take a break," the assistant mumbled, still blaming it on Ning Xi.

    However, after seeing what had just happened, everyone could not agree to the excuse the assistant used.

    That was not being tired at all! It was more like she had been too shocked by Ning Xi's performance.