Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1427

    Chapter 1427: Great Flash of Anger For Great Beauty

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    This plot for this scene revolved around Yun Huang's personal shadow guardian, Liu Yan, being hurt by the upright faction. Yun Huang had gone on a killing spree for revenge and the blood of the upright faction flowed like a river. Leng Aoxue wanted to enforce justice on behalf of the heavens.

    This entire scene had Leng Aoxue occupying the dominant protagonist role, so it was especially befitting that she overshadowed her co-actress. As long as she pushed it a little more, Ning Xi would definitely be even more humiliated this time...

    Under Meng Shiyi's gaze with concealed overtones, the girl in the red robe opposite her seemed not to notice Leng Aoxue's overflowing fury and murderous intentions at all. She stood there, contented and unhurried, as she drawled with an indistinct smile, "I wonder what path you're practicing, fairy Aoxue?"

    Leng Aoxue's cold, beautiful gaze became even more zealous. "Witch! How dare you quibble?! You slaughtered all 107 of Seven Star Faction's people in one evening. Such a wild massacre you committed! It will be hard to eliminate your sins! Heaven's law cannot tolerate such evil!"

    "Huh..." Yun Huang looked down and scoffed. In a flash, her black feather-like eyelashes slowly blossomed and her gloomy gaze fixed on Leng Aoxue. Her fingers lightly brushed away the blood stains on her cheeks as her hair whipped in the strong wind that blew in her face. Her entire being was akin to a demon. "I've said that if anyone dares to touch a single strand of hair of his... I will have his head... If anyone dares to hurt him, I will kill his entire faction..."

    When he saw this, Guo Qisheng's eyes suddenly lit up. His emotional heart was fluttering!

    This girl was back to her amazing self!

    Her acting was just too awesome!

    Guo Qisheng had already put all his woe from before to the back of his mind as he looked excitedly towards Meng Shiyi.


    Unexpectedly, in such an emotionally-stirring moment, Meng Shiyi had actually forgotten her script!

    "Witch..." Meng Shiyi tried to speak again, but she was still stuck. She could not utter a single word of the generous speech that came after.

    She had already prepared her emotions well, preparing to topple Ning Xi until she could not recover from the minor setback. However, who would have thought that when she met Ning Xi's eyes, her brain suddenly lost all control. The script that she wanted to blurt out was stuck in her throat, and she only said a word before she could not make any more sound.

    "Cut! One more time!" Guo Qisheng wrung his hands and sighed.

    Meng Shiyi had yet to react to what had happened. The sound of Guo Qisheng yelling "cut" rang beside her ear.

    Damn it! What was happening?

    Had she suffered a lapse in concentration earlier?

    As for the mistake this time, Meng Shiyi only thought that she had been momentarily absent-minded. Her assistant and the other crew members did not pay much mind to it.

    Very soon, the second part of the shoot continued.

    Meng Shiyi took a deep breath. This time, her state of mind had to be even more fervent than her attitude the last time. She felt a huge pressure that weighed like the Earth on her entire body as she walked over to Ning Xi. "Witch! How dare you quibble..."

    If it were just a minor actor lacking basic training, they definitely would have performed awkwardly and would even find it hard to recite the script.


    "I've said that if anyone dares to touch a single strand of hair of his... I will have his head... If anyone dares to hurt him... I will kill his entire faction..."

    Faced with the situation of Meng Shiyi whipping out almost her entire closet of skills to intentionally pressure her, Ning Xi felt even more at ease instead. The words from her mouth seemed to be the rightful principle and Heaven's law that she wanted to convey to Meng Shiyi about her disgraceful behavior.

    At that moment, the girl in red was arrogant and unparalleled as she stepped over Heaven's law.

    This was Yun Huang!