Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1426

Chapter 1426: Who Overshadows Who?

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When he saw that the next scene was about to begin shooting, Jiang Muye rushed to make himself a pot of tea and took out a bag of melon seeds, getting into the mood of watching a show.

His favorite thing to watch was Ning Xiao Xi activating her massacre mode towards anyone else apart from him!

"Hey, want some melon seeds?" Jiang Muye was in a great mood, thus he enthusiastically offered his snack to Mo Yuxiu opposite him.

Mo Yuxiu looked towards Jiang Muye with an indistinct gaze. Because there had been no progress in his observation for the past few days, he finally could not help but ask, "You and Tang... Ning Xi, are you guys dating?"

When he heard this, Jiang Muye coughed and almost choked on his tea. "No way!"

"If it's not you, who is it then?" Mo Yuxiu was so preoccupied with his speculation. If anyone was in a bad state, Mo Yuxiu would top the ranking.

Jiang Muye crossed his legs and cracked the seeds between his teeth as he shot him a side look. "Forget it. That dude is indeed taken. In fact, he isn't someone that you can beat with your abilities!"

"You like her," Mo Yuxiu said in a certain tone.

Jiang Muye once again choked. He was flushed and rolled his eyes at him. "That's none of your business!"

Mo Yuxiu could not help but fall into deep thought.

A man that could let even Jiang Muye restrain his fear and not dare to make a move on Ning Xi... Who could it be?

Jiang Muye seemed to have seen through Mo Yuxiu's thoughts and he pouted with a gloomy face. Bloody hell! Could he not be afraid? Just by seniority in the family, the other person could pressure him to death!


"Everyone, please take your places. Get ready, go!" Guo Qisheng shouted to start.

Meng Shiyi's assistant yawned as she was stood there with her arms crossed, boredom apparent on her face. She looked at the time on her phone as she said impatiently, "Sis Shiyi has rejected invitations from so many big directors to shoot for this show. She even rejected Hollywood roles! Who would have thought that she would be conned into joining a crap team like this?"

In reality, the television series market was currently flourishing. As high-profile as Meng Shiyi's movies were, without the foundation of the masses, it would be very hard for her to make money. If she wanted to continue taking the high-profile road and not care about money, that was fine. Since she had rejected so many movies and taken up this television series, she clearly still wanted to fish for a quick buck.

As the country's most invested super fantasy series plus having a team of top-notchdirector, producer, and cast, many top actors and actresses wanted to join the "Nine Realms" production. Even if they wanted to hire an international top actress, they would have enough to spare, much less Meng Shiyi who had only received two national awards.

Meng Shiyi had required many connections to get the role of the female lead. However, as she spoke with such a tone of disdain and behaved so ostentatiously to such an extent now, as good-tempered as Guo Qisheng was, he could not help but be irritated at that moment.

However, Guo Qisheng would not be calculative with a petty assistant, so he suppressed his anger and focused his attention on Ning Xi and Meng Shiyi's shoot.

Twilight hung low, and the light in the jungle was a little dusky.

A red and a white figure hung mid-air from a wire. The white one was chasing after the red one, and the two figures were moving quickly.

Swoosh! Yun Huang's skirt fluttered high up in the sky like a raging flame, her arms extended like an eagle. The tip of her toes brushed the ground and she suddenly stopped ahead.

Leng Aoxue, who pursued closely, had followed and fallen to the ground. A sharp silverarrow was aimed fiercely at the girl up front. "Witch! Stand right there! I must enforce justice on behalf of the heavenstoday!"

Meng Shiyi's eyes were full of ferocity and anger with a perfect expression that bemoaned the state of the universe and pitied the fate of mankind, brilliantly conveying Leng Aoxue's character that was incredibly indifferent yet also amazingly merciful.