Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1425

    Chapter 1425: Someone Is About To Run Out of Luck

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    The instance the teacup shattered, the tea flowed down along Ning Xi's fair fingers.

    Jiang Muye stared at Ning Xi's face, then at the teacup in her hand. He gulped and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

    Oh my... The Ning Xi I'm looking at now is terrifying...

    What was up with Meng Shiyi? She was a movie queen herself. Why would she be secretly seducing a lesser-known male artiste like Ke Mingyu?

    Meng Shiyi was obviously well-experienced and was rather sensitive to the cameras and their positions. She had intentionally avoided them so that no one would notice her hidden dirty trick...

    However, only Ning Xi and the others who sat there could see very clearly from their angle...

    There was no way Meng Shiyi could hide her little stroke, as unintentional it may seem to others, from an experienced person in the romance field such as Jiang Muye, much less Ning Xi.

    "What... What is happening Ning Xiao Xi? Hasn't Meng Shiyi been sucking up to Yun Shen? Why did she suddenly go over to provoke Ke Mingyu?" Jiang Muye said as he quickly looked at Ning Xi's hand. He was only relieved when he saw that she had not been hurt.

    When he said that, Jiang Muye seemed to have suddenly remembered something and his eyes widened. "Wait! Meng Shiyi wouldn't have realized that you and Ke Mingyu have an extraordinary relationship, would she? She saw that Yun Shen was treating you very specially, so she intentionally seduced your man to take revenge!"

    He was really in awe of Meng Shiyi's courage!

    Jiang Muye had been excitedly analyzing, while Ning Xi silently cleaned up the shattered pieces pf glass. She slowly wiped her hands clean of the tea with a tissue, devoid of any expression on her face.

    However, Ning Xi seemed horrifying to Jiang Muye, and he felt a chill creep across his back...

    "Cut! Very good! It's a pass..." Guo Qisheng yelled.

    When it ended, Meng Shiyi gave Ke Mingyu an ambiguous look. So long as he was a normal man, he would understand that this was an intimate hint from a woman to a man.

    After she finished her deed, Meng Shiyi finally felt better and she sat down with refreshed spirits on the couch.

    Huh, based on her status in the entertainment industry, she could toss Ning Xi many streets away. This kind of men, who relied on women to climb up the ladder, would naturally know how to choose.

    "What's the next scene?" Meng Shiyi asked casually.

    "It's a scene with Ning Xi," the assistant said with a sardonic tone.

    Meng Shiyi smiled. She could teach that vixen another lesson, so naturally, she would not complain about having too much work to do.

    Today she had to make her leave this set crying!

    "Okay, the next scene is about to begin! Ning Xi, Shiyi, please get ready!" The director's voice was heard.

    Before they began, Gup Qisheng had particularly gone through the scenes with Ning Xi for half a day, helping to relieve her mood.

    Ning Xi looked at Guo Qisheng apologetically. "I'm sorry, Director Guo. Because of some personal reasons, I've been troubling you for this period of time."

    "Sigh, it's fine. It's normal to be in a bad state sometimes. Don't be pressured because of this. Take it easy," Guo Qisheng comforted.

    Ning Xi nodded. "Director Guo, don't worry. For our show, I'll definitely make it even more popular than you can imagine!"

    Ning Xi then turned around and left towards the scene location.

    Guo Qisheng watched the girl's departing figure blankly, feeling like Ning Xi seemed to be a little different earlier.

    Earlier, she did not say "our" show would become popular. Instead, she had said, "I" will make it popular.

    Huh, this little girl!

    It was clearly such arrogant words, yet for some reason, Guo Qisheng really believed her...