Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1423

    Chapter 1423: Wipe Out Using Acting Skills

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    "Sis Shiyi, are you... Are you okay?" Meng Shiyi's assistant asked timidly.

    Meng Shiyi's expression was honestly frightful.

    "That damn witch! How dare she even snatch my man!? She really thought that with the Lu Corporation's support, I wouldn't dare touch her?" Meng Shiyi hissed with a terrifying fury.

    The assistant echoed on the side, "Yeah, yeah, yeah! Sis Shiyi, you don't need to give face to anyone in this entertainment industry! This woman is shameless! We should show her a little something! If Chairman Meng knows this, she'd definitely be in for it!"

    Meng Shiyi scoffed, "Do I need to rely on my daddy to deal with someone like her?"

    The assistant responded without any objections, "Of course not! Sis Shiyi, you can wipe her out with just your acting skills!"

    "Next set! Ning Xi, Shiyi, the both of you, please get ready!" Guo Qisheng shouted from the side.

    Very soon, the shoot began.

    A red and a white figure stood opposite each other.

    With the two entirely different styles of beauty appearing in the same scene, it was pleasing to everyone's eyes without a doubt.

    Meng Shiyi looked at Ning Xi opposite her as a sly light flashed across her eyes.

    She had already observed her for quite a few days. She thought that for someone who could earn praises from Guo Qisheng and Chen Mian for her acting, Ning Xi would have some skills up her sleeves, but who would have thought that she was just mediocre. At most, she was only slightly better than the usual artistes.

    Today, she would humiliate her in front of everyone.

    With Ning Xi's meager abilities, to intentionally overshadow her in the scene was easy.

    Meng Shiyi was full of confidence. The actual situation had been easier than she imagined. She had only flaunted her acting skills slightly, yet Ning Xi had done a bad take three times in a row. At last, they had even done a total of 12 takes before this scene could be wrapped up.

    Even though Ning Xi was not in very good condition recently, she had never surpassed five bad takes. This was a first for her to do so many bad takes in a row...

    To Meng Shiyi, she thought it was because she was overpowering Ning Xi's acting. In reality, Ning Xi was only disturbed by a certain evildoer's odd behavior earlier.

    In a corner, Lu Tingxiao saw that Ning Xi had been underperforming abnormally like never before and his unfathomable eyes darkened a little more.

    By comparison, a certainoriginator of evil was sitting there in a jovial mood and admiring Ning Xi's 12 bad takes.

    For the entire day, her gaze had been on "Ke Mingyu", but now she was finally inadvertently distracted.

    "Director Guo, our Sis Shiyi's time is very valuable. In fact, she's always acted as the female lead. This time, she even tolerated your choice to have double female leads. You should at least find someone up to par. This is practically pulling down our Shiyi's ranks!" When the assistant saw that Meng Shiyi was returning to triumph, she immediately started aggravating Ning Xi's situation by exaggerating to curry favor with Meng Shiyi.

    Guo Qisheng actually had a headache too. It was not just Ning Xi who had been underperforming these past few days. All the other actors were not doing well either. Even though there were no huge slip-ups in their acting, it was still very far from the quality he had expected. Even "one-take" Ning Xi from the last movie had turned out like this, troubling him to a great extent.

    "Ahem, Shiyi, Ning Xi is still considered half a rookie. Her acting is not very stable. She'll still need to trouble you to pardon her mistakes!" Now, Guo Qisheng dared not to praise Ning Xi anymore, so he could only try to resolve the situation.

    Meng Shiyi simply sneered, "If she knows she's a rookie, then she shouldn't make such big talk! Who's she bragging to?"

    "Exactly! Our Shiyi, who is the double award-winning movie queen of the Golden Film and the Golden Phoenix awards didn't even say anything. As a crappy artiste, she really is too bold!"