Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1422

    Chapter 1422: Pick Up Skills Awakened!

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    Having been on the set for a whole day and keeping her guard up, Ning Xi was reallymentally and physically exhausted. She kept making mistakes throughout the shoot and even accidentally whipped Jiang Muye's hand in the middle of a fight scene.

    Jiang Muye preciously held his hand and pulled back carefully, looking miserable. "I've already been so good. Why do you have to hurt my hand?! When did I ever provoke you?"

    Ning Xi speechlessly gaped at him as his hand looked like it was about to break. "Why are you howling for? It's just an accident. Hmph, just one red impression is enough to make you howl like this? Are you a man!? I'll let you whip me back, okay?!"

    Then, she stretched out her hand.

    At last...

    "You harmed me! Yet, you want to harm me again! My uncle is here. Wouldn't I be seeking death if I dare to hit you?!" Jiang Muye exclaimed in exasperated, indicating that he had long seen through her trick. He avoided her far away.

    Ning Xi had no words, so she helplessly buried her head in her hands. It really was getting more and more chaotic...

    Not too far away, Meng Shiyi had been blocked by Yun Shen's two bodyguards numerous times. Whether she used the hard way or the soft way, it was useless.

    While Yun Shen spoke to Ning Xi, he kept calling her "Huang Er" or "Little Huang Er" and kept going to her to rehearse scenes. The others in the crew including the director neither dared to get too close to him nor were they willing to even do so, because as long as they were within three steps of him, his two bodyguards would stare at them with a terrifying gaze that could murder someone.

    The weird thing was, for some reason...

    It seemed that only Ning Xi was an exception...

    Guo Qisheng had especially observed this for a few days and noticed that the two bodyguards were incredibly wary towards anyone, but they were obviously very relaxed whenever Ning Xi was near.

    "What's wrong, Little Huang Er? In a bad mood?" Yun Shen strolled carefreely to Ning Xi, his long and fair fingers wrapped around a box of delicate and pretty gelato. "I heard they say that eating sweet things can lift one's mood."

    Ning Xi rubbed the goosebumps on her arms as she looked suspiciously at this guy and lowered her voice to say, "What crazy meds are you on?"

    This fellow had been behaving very oddly the entire day; he was being so gentle that it horrified her...

    The man laughed lightlyas if he had not heard her. His tone became even tenderer. "Do you need me to feed you?"

    Ning Xi subconsciously looked towards Lu Tingxiao's direction. She ground her teeth and revealed an invulnerable and tactful smile. "Thank you, CEO Yun, for your good intentions but I'm very sorry. I'm on a diet to lose weight."

    "Isn't it better to be slightly chubby?" The man looked at her with a smile rippling in his eyes. "If you're chubbier, the parts of you that I like...would just be rounder..."

    Ning Xi was so done!


    How had such an intelligent pick-up line actually come out of this guy's mouth?!

    What had this dude been triggered by?


    Even though everyone around was far away and did not know the content of their conversation, based on Yun Shen's extra concern and intimate attitude towards Ning Xi, all of them looked envious.

    Although the both of them had the most scenes together in the drama, and they were acting as father and son,was CEO Yun not a little too kind to Ning Xi? Meng Shiyi had used up all her efforts to get close to him yet she had not been successful. It looked like the rumors about this boss being Ning Xi's fan was actually true.

    Was this not such great luck to have such a cool fan? No wonder someone like CEO Yun would especially make the time to come over and cameo! He had spent $ 300 million to invest and buy this cameo role...