Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 142

    Chapter 142: Damn Making Love

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    They had been thinking that YS was one of Ning Xis ex-boyfriends. But hearing what the person had said on the phone, were he and Ning Xi still together?

    Otherwise, why would he use the phrase "have a foot in both camps"?

    Ning Xi had a boyfriend, but she just never mentioned it?

    At the thought of this possibility, Lu Tingxiao's face instantly turned stormy.

    But he calmed down quickly, since he couldnt exclude the very high possibility that the other party had deliberately said such a thing to strike his love rival a blow.

    "Lu Tingxiao, Ive rubbed on the medicine! Are my things here?"

    "Yes." Lu Tingxiao came to himself, and took her things in.

    After Ning Xi changed her clothes, Lu Tingxiao walked in again.

    After changing into her own clothes, Ning Xi felt much more comfortable. The atmosphere was also not that strange anymore, so she took the blindfold off.

    As soon as she removed the blindfold, she saw Lu Tingxiao looking at her with a complicated expression. She subconsciously touched her face and asked confusedly, "What's wrong?"

    Lu Tingxiao sat down by the bed. "Can you tell me about yourself, Ning Xi?"

    "About me? What about me?"

    "Anything is fine."

    Ning Xi was sure that Lu Tingxiao was deliberately trying to distract her, so she thought for a while before she said, "In that case, let me tell you something about my hometown!"

    It was not the answer he expected, but it was just using different means to reach the same goal, and it would eventually lead to that matter.

    Furthermore, it was the only time, and also the first time, that she was speaking about herself in front of him.

    So Lu Tingxiao nodded. "Alright."

    "Lu Tingxiao, there is a small town outside C City called Chunfeng Town. Do you know it? Mm, its so small, you definitely wouldnt!"

    "I do, the scenery isnot bad. Was shot there?"

    When Ning Xi heard this, she became excited. "Yes, yes! You actually do know! The scene in where the actor and the actress make love in the billowing wheat was shot in our town!"

    Uh, damn making love! Why did she mention making love at this time! She was talking so much to forget about the topic of making love!

    Ning Xi hurriedly cut off this dangerous talk. "Cough, the main point is that because the town isnt developed, the environment is especially good and the air is especially great!"

    "A few years ago, Lu Jingli made some noise about going fishing there, but I was busy with work at the time, so I didn't go," Lu Tingxiao said a little regretfully. If he had gone at that time, would he have met her a little earlier?

    In a sense, Lu Jingli really was the matchmaker for him and Ning Xi.

    Although he hadnt gone, he had still met her later.

    It was also only because Lu Jingli had taken Little Treasure to the bar that everything else happened.

    Hmm, he would reward him properly when he got back!

    "Then if you have the chance, you have to go at least once, you definitely won't be disappointed! I can be your guide then!" When she spoke of her hometown, Ning Xis face was full of excitement, but it slowly darkened. "Over twenty years ago, the air was better. Back then, a lot of rich people would come on holiday, and there were even a number of them who came because of their pregnancies, including the Ning familys madam, Zhuang Lingyu, twenty-four years ago."

    With these words, Ning Xi suddenly became silent.

    Lu Tingxiao didnt urge her to continue, and quietly waited.

    Ning Xi took a deep breath, and continued her story. "Madam Ning had planned to stay in Chunfeng Town while she was pregnant, then go back for the delivery. Unexpectedly, she accidentally induced labour, and the child was born premature"