Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1417

    Chapter 1417: Ning Xi's Blood Sample

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    An indefinite time passed before the billowing undercurrents in Lu Tingxiao's jet black eyes suddenly came to a deathly stillness.

    In the next second, the man's long fingers covered the girl's fair and long neck. With an intense sentiment that could not be resolved, his cool kiss fell onto the corner of her lips.

    Ning Xi did not know the source of Lu Tingxiao's unease. She could only meet with his kiss to set his mind at rest.

    "Ah!" Suddenly Ning Xi gripped her neck and cried out in pain.

    "What's wrong?" Lu Tingxiao asked urgently.

    "Umm... Something seems to have poked me!" Ning Xi rubbed her shoulder.

    Lu Tingxiao raised his hand and looked at his cuff. "I'm sorry. My button's broken and must have scratched you."

    Then, he quickly took out a handkerchief to cover Ning Xi's bleeding cut as he held her and said, "I'll bring you up to clean it!"

    Lu Tingxiao's face was covered with dark clouds, and he looked incredibly miserable.

    Ning Xi watched his exaggerated expression. It was as if she had just bled a tub of blood and she laughed helplessly. "It's just a small wound. It's fine!"

    When Lu Tingxiao saw that the girl did not have a single inkling and was not at all wary towards him, he felt an ache as if a knife was twisted in his heart...

    In the bedroom upstairs, Lu Tingxiao carefully disinfected the girl's wound and put a plaster on it.

    If one looked closely, they would not notice it as it was positioned near her shoulder and could coincidentally be covered up by the collar of a shirt. It would not affect her daily life or her acting.

    "Lu Tingxiao, what's up with you today? Your thoughts are wandering!" Ning Xi commented a little worriedly.

    Lu Tingxiao kept the first aid kit and looked at her. "I'm afraid you'll ditch me because I have a child with me."

    When she heard this, Ning Xi finally realized the issue and was shaking with laughter and tears as she hung on to the man's neck. She kissed the cheeks on his serious face. "Did you really take to heart the things that child Rongguang said? I already said I like Little Treasure the most! Why would I be ditching you because of him?! Little Treasure is clearly your plug-in, your godly assist [1], alright?"

    "Mmm." the man kissed her forehead but he did not seem consoled by her words.

    From the start till the end, Ning Xi did not suspect Lu Tingxiao's peculiarities at all...

    Because Ning Tianxin and Annie were still over at Peachwood, Ning Xi was worried, so she rushed back even though it was late at night.

    After the girl left, Lu Tingxiao looked at the blood-stained handkerchief and his line of sight did not move for a long time until his phone rang. It was Lu Jingli.

    "Bro, you asleep yet?"

    "Come over."

    "Oh,oh, oh! I'll be there right away!"

    It was not even a few minutes before Lu Jingli had rushed over from next door.

    When he saw his brother's entire frosty demeanor dripping with icicles, Lu Jingli did not dare to get too close. He weakly reported from afar, "Bro, I've checked once more... Xiao Xi Xi really did enter your room that night... but as to when she entered, and whether shecould've entered after you left, and if someone else had gone in after you left... That I can't be sure..."

    Before Lu Jingli finished, Lu Tingxiao suddenly opened up his palms and offered him something.

    Lu Jingli walked up in confusion. He subconsciously took the handkerchief his brother gave him. "Um... What's this?"

    Could it be for me to wipe my sweat?

    Lu Jingli was curious when he suddenly staredat it and realized there was a blood stain on the handkerchief, thus his eyes flew wide open. He stammered, "This... This blood is..."

    Could it be...?

    Lu Tingxiao replied, "Xiao Xi's."