Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1411

    Chapter 1411: My Dear Son

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    Zhuang Liaoyuan was about to accompany Elder Zhuang to fish, but when they heard Zhuang Rongguang had invited Ning Xi over to the shooting range, they were both interested and went over instead.

    When they arrived, Zhuang Rongguang was bragging happily to Ning Xi, "Sis Xi, I've finally mastered that blindfold shot of yours!"

    He then took out a black cloth and covered his eyes. Confidently, he picked up his gun and aimed at the target.




    After three shots, the scores were displayed: 10 points, 10 points, 10 points.

    Ning Xi raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Not bad!"

    "Isn't it?!" Zhuang Rongguang was so ecstatic that he could almost fly when he heard Ning Xi praise him. "I told you that I'm talented! I just didn't want to learn before. Even I scare myself when I get serious!"

    "Idiot, getting all worked up because of some small accomplishment!" Zhuang Liaoyuan chided with a stern face, but there was a hint of pride and comfort hiding in his harsh words. He looked at Ning Xi with a grateful gaze.

    It was all thanks to her that his son was like this today.

    Ning Xi quickly greeted Zhuang Zongren and Zhuang Liaoyuan when she saw them. She beamed. "Rongguang is doing well to be able to reach this level in such a short time!"

    Zhuang Rongguang cheekily said, "See, even Sis Xi said so! Sis Xi, ignore them! Let's continue!"

    They continued for a while, then there was a childish voice calling, "Mommy!"

    Ning Xi immediately put down the gun when she heard her baby's voice. She turned around joyously and held the little guy up. "My dear son!"

    The little guy smelled really good and felt really fluffy.Ning Xi did not want to let go of him at all.

    Elder Zhuang was surprised when he saw the little guy running towards Ning Xi and calling her "Mommy". He looked at Zhuang Liaoyuan in confusion. "This child is"

    As they were talking, solid footsteps came in. A man in asuit, who looked similar to the child Ning Xi was holding, came inside.

    Zhuang Liaoyuan did not have to say anything and Zhuang Zongren immediately understood. "This is the grandchild of the Lu family?"

    "Yes." Zhuang Liaoyuan put up yet another stern face when he saw Lu Tingxiao.

    Ning Xi was not married yet. They were just in a relationship, so how could his son call her his mother already?

    "Mr. Elder Zhuang, Chief Zhuang," Lu Tingxiao greeted the both of them.

    He then called Little Treasure over, "Greet them"

    Little Treasure looked at Zhuang Liaoyuan, then at Zhuang Zongren. After a thoughtful pause, he greeted obediently, "Hi, Uncle Zhuang. Hi, Grandpa Zhuang!"

    The little guy looked really cute like a round bun. When he tilted his head and greeted them obediently, Zhuang Liaoyuan's expression softened and he nodded.

    He felt that something was different compared to when he last saw him at Elder Lu's dinner. The little guy now seemed much more active.

    Zhuang Zongren was looking at him lovingly. He extended his rough palm and patted his head. "Good boy!"

    Probably because he was already old and really liked children, he really took a liking to Little Treasure the moment they met.