Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1406

    Chapter 1406: It's That Beast!

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    That night, Ning Xi had gone to look for Su Yan in room number 713, but later on, some mishap seemed to have happened. She had entered another room and met not with the two male prostitutes that Ning Xueluo had arranged, but another beast that was more brutal than them.

    If it were male prostitutes, those who were in their profession would definitely not get someone else pregnant. Not only did that man not take any precautions, he had even run off when he had done the deed. There were no traces of him at all.

    Finally, he found out that that night, Ning Xi had actually entered the room opposite 713, room number 718.

    Qin Yuan was membership-based. All the rooms needed to be booked in advance, and they had detailed records of the bookings, so he just needed to check who had booked room number 718 that night. Then, he could basically find out who the culprit was.

    However, things could not be that easy.

    Indeed, after investigations, the booking records of that room from five years ago had been erased. He could not find any clues at all.

    In the next few days, Lu Jingli began to hungrily investigate who the person that booked the room that night was.

    In the end, he had endured quite a few days of interrogations and even found a computer expert to try recovering the erased records, yet he came up empty-handed.

    When he saw that the one week's time limit was up, Lu Jingli could only go with his panda eyes to report his investigation progress to Lu Tingxiao.

    Lu Jingli had not even changed. He was still in the pajamas and slippers that he had worn for a few days. As he carried the resources, he whimpered and ran over next door to look for his brother.

    "Bro! Bro, I've let you down! Wuwuwu... I said that I would definitely drag that beast out for you within seven days! But that guy was really too cunning! He didn't leave any clues at all. No wonder Xiao Xi Xi couldn't find out who it was for five years! I think that guy's modus operandi was not impromptu malice, but he's a habitual criminal! A perverted demon!"

    Lu Jingli carried the stack of information and cried as he complained. That handsome face he was proud of was now as wan and sallow as a pitiful scholar that had been extracted by a female ghost. One could see that investigating this matter these past few days had really tormented him.

    When he saw Lu Jingli in such a terrible shape, Lu Tingxiao was slightly dismayed. Investigating was Lu Jingli's best domain. He had even given him the highest degree of convenience, but in such a situation, he still could not find out who the man from that night was within seven days?

    "Progress?" Lu Tingxiao spoke with a cold expression before his desk that reflected his ice-cold luster.

    Lu Jingli immediately laid the stack of information before Lu Tingxiao. "I've already locked down the target. I just can't seem to investigate who the dude is! Qin Yuan has the latest defense system from America. Even if it was a top hacker, there's no way he could quietly erase traces of himself and even make it irretrievable..."

    Lu Tingxiao's eyes quickly skimmed the date and the room number on the computer screen.

    The instant he had a clear look at the date and room number, Lu Tingxiao's usually stony face, which would not change even if Taishan toppled, suddenly shifted in expression.

    Lu Jingli had not immediately noticed because he was too emotional as he continued, "Now I can confirm that the room Xiao Xi Xi had entered that night was 718. This 718 is definitely the beast we're trying to find, but I just don't know who booked 718... Bro... Bro, are you listening to me?"