Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1405

    Chapter 1405: I'll Add In Arsenic For You!

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    When Ning Xi heard that, she felt so outraged by that sanctimonious dude till she almost puked blood!

    To her disgust, that guy walked over to her with a script in deadly earnest.

    Ning Xi lowered her voice with a murderous spirit in her eyes. "You, with the surname Yun! What are you trying to do?"

    The man held his chin and looked at her ponderingly. "Where are my biscuits?"

    Ning Xi shot him a look. "What must I do for you to leave the set?!"

    The man revealed a contemplative expression when he heard her as Ning Xi waited nervously for his reply.

    The man muttered to himself for a long time before he finally said, "Hmm... I like to eat sweet stuff. Add more sugar!"

    Ning Xi was speechless. She had used up all her rationality to restrain her impulse of wanting to grab him by the collar and strangle him.

    I will add arsenic for you!

    When she saw Yun Shen and Ning Xi chatting nearby, Meng Shiyi suddenly realized something. "This witch! She's intentionally doing bad takes just to worm her way into being friends with Bro Yun, isn't she?!"

    Her assistant closed in from the side to echo, "Probably so, but she doesn't even need to fake her acting skills! Look at the way she's been acting for the past few days. She practically can't even compare to a finger of yours, Sis Shiyi! I really don't know why directors who have collaborated with her would praise her to the highest heavens. There's most likely something fishy... I think even CEO Yun seems to be seduced by that woman..."

    When she heard this, Meng Shiyi could no longer be patient. She took large strides towards the direction of the two of them.

    At last, just like earlier, before she could get close to them, she was separated from him by two cold-faced bodyguards.

    "Presumptuous! Do you know who I am?" Meng Shiyi glared at the two men even though she was but a sheep in wolf's clothing.

    The two bodyguards were like emotionless humanoid weapons. They did not respond at all and continued to effortlessly block Meng Shiyi from going over.

    "You two... Good... Very good!" Ferocity flashed across Meng Shiyi's face, then she turned around and stormed off in huge strides.


    Ten minutes later, the shoot continued again.

    This time, Ning Xi even whipped out the psychological hypnotizing move that Dr. Smith had taught her before, and she couldfinallycontinue her performance.

    It was just a short scene, yet it was even more tiring than acting in a strenuous fighting scene.

    Unfortunately, the tragedy had only just begun...

    Very soon, her dearest would enter the team too. Haha!

    Ning Xi was about to drag her ruined and destroyed body home like a dead dog when her phone rang.

    The caller ID showed Zhuang Rongguang's name. This guy had forcefully saved his own number the last time.

    When she saw it was Zhuang Rongguang, Ning Xi was a little surprised as if she never thought that he would call her. "Hello?"

    "Hello, Sis Xi! Are you done with work? Come over and play!" From the other end of the phone was Zhuang Rongguang's animated voice.

    "Play what?"

    "Shooting, of course! Still at the old spot. Come quickly! Challenge me! I've been getting quite good recently! I think I'm going to surpass you already, hahaha..."

    The youth's excited and passionate voice from the other end of the phone infected Ning Xi's somber mood a little. She thought about how she had really been tormented recently. It was a goodidea to relax a little, so she agreed, "Young man, since you're begging to be educated, I will satisfy you! Wait for me! I'll be there right away!"


    At the same time, at Platinum Palace, in Lu Jingli's villa's study room, Lu Jingli was dizzily analyzing and arranging all sorts of information from five years ago. He was running through a checklist of all the suspects from that night.