Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1403

    Chapter 1403: Good Daughter, Wait For Me

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    Meng Shiyi ran over to the man, but before she could get closer to him, two stern bodyguards in black tightly separated them.

    "Bro Yun..." Meng Shiyi tiptoed and looked pitifully at him.

    Yun Shen's light grey eyes skimmed Meng Shiyi's face like awind across dust, then he turned to Guo Qisheng and asked slowly, "Director Guo, am I acting as a brother?"

    Guo Qisheng was first stunned, then he instantly seemed awkward. "No, no, CEO Yun, your role hasn't been changed. It's still the one you chose yourself before as Yun Huang's father, not the brother..."

    When these words came out, the spectators suddenly burst out into laughter.

    It turns out that he did not even know her!

    Meng Shiyi's eyes instantly widened in horror. She did not expect Yun Shen not to give her any face amidst their watchful eyes!

    Damn it! He knew who she was, yet he dared to act like this towards her.

    "Can we start?"

    "Of course, CEO Yun. Please follow me. The makeup artist and stylists have been arranged!" He did not think that this big boss would be so proactive. Guo Qisheng eagerly led the way up front.

    The white-haired man followed after Guo Qisheng unhurriedly with his long legs, and when he passed by Ning Xi, he seemed to have glanced at her indistinctly from the corner of his eyes. His thin lips parted slightly and said soundlessly, "Good daughter, wait for me."

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    Wait, your head! I am your father!!!

    Very soon, the man had changed and exited the changing room.

    The instant Yun Shen changed into his attire for the drama, the entire set heated up.

    Yun Shen's character in the show also had a head of silver hair. The man donned a mysterious, ancient, black robe with a dragon-patterned belt on his waist. The silver complemented with the makeup made him look even more attractive and flirtatious, while his light grey eyes really made one's heart palpitate.

    Because Yun Haotian practiced demonic powers, he did not age, thus Yun Shen did not need to deliberately dress up as an old man.

    "Oh,oh, oh... Oh my God! Are you guys sure CEO Yun is acting as the female lead's father?"

    "I'm hyperventilating! I actually fell in love with the female lead's father!"

    "This is definitely the most handsome father in history. He's practically stealing away the male lead's limelight too!"

    "If I had such a charming evil father, why would I need the male lead?!"


    Guo Qisheng was also watching with pleasant surprise and satisfaction from the side. Although he was just an investor that was slotted in, he might become one of the show's highlights. Of course, he was happy! He just could not guess how his acting skills were...

    Hmm, with Ning Xi to guide him, it definitely would not be a problem!

    "Ning Xi, get ready. Let's start!" Guo Qisheng was not assured, so he especially went over to remind Ning Xi again, telling her to take care of the rookie.

    Ning Xi braced herself.

    All departments were ready and the shoot began.

    This scene was very easy. It was about how the female lead had been in close contact with the male lead until her father found out and became furious.

    "3, 2, 1, action!"

    Inside the gloomy hall, the enchantingly handsome man leaned lazily on the chair. Thearmrests were carved into two pythons that coiled grandiosely around the chair. The man's long and fair fingers carelessly wrapped around the python's body, and there was a kind of astonishing and strange sense of aristocracy.

    He had just heard his subordinates report the recent movements of his daughter, Yun Huang. The man should have burst into anger, yet Yun Shen had handled it with an expression of ease as if nothing had happened.

    Guo Qisheng frowned slightly, but he did not yell "cut", continuing to watch instead.

    At that moment, the sound of footsteps was heard from outside the hall from a distance until it got closer. Ning Xi appeared in a robe that was as red as a raging inferno.