Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1400

    Chapter 1400: Take A Look At Her

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    "What trauma?" Ning Xi stiffened.

    "It'll be very difficult for her to accept another person. Didn't you realize that she doesn't care about whether she can have a child in the future again? She planned to be alone until her death. If you let her know what I think now, then it'll be the end for me," Qin Mufeng analyzed.

    "I'm quite worried about that too," Ning Xi sighed.

    "Now, you don't have to worry. Of course, it'll be the end for others, but I'm a professional!" Qin Mufeng gave her a triumphant look.

    Ning Xi looked at him squarely. "Qin Mufeng, I realized your profession is pretty handy when it comes to wooing girls!"

    "Of course, let me tell you. There isn't any girl I can't get except those that I don't want to."

    Ning Xi stared at him. "Just how many girls have you wooed before?"

    "Well, I'm just saying, up until now Tianxin is the only girl that can make my heart race!"

    Seeing how Ning Xi was looking at him like he was a pervert, Qin Mufeng started sweating again. "Don't be so riled up. It's not like I'm going to abduct her right away. I just like her for now. Even if we don't get to become lovers in the end, we can still be friends! I won't force her!"

    Ning Xi relaxed a little after hearing what Qin Mufeng said.

    If he said he could not have anyone else besides her just after three days, she would never believe him!

    At the same time, somewhere near Peachwood, a car was parked quietly by the roadside.

    A man leaned on the car, still wearing the same pajamas he had worn to the hospital the other day. He had a cigarette lit and was staring at a garden nearby.

    His phone on the driving seat had anotification, and he picked it up. After seeing the incoming call, he answered it after a while, "Hello?"

    "Lingtian, what happened? Why didn't you pick up your phone?" The girl's worried voice came through the phone.

    "Nothing... What's the matter?"

    "I'm sorry, Lingtian. I was too harsh the other night."

    "It's alright."

    "Lingtian, you don't sound right. Are you sick?"


    "Are you still troubled over that woman? She probably just wants money anyway. If she doesn't want to take it, she probably just wants more"

    Mo Lingtian was not paying any attention to Guan Ziyao. Halfway through their conversation, he mumbled something and quickly ended the call. He gazed at the direction of the garden nervously.

    The door suddenly opened. A familiar figure came out of the house and was walking nearer towards his direction.

    Mo Lingtian quickly put out his cigarette, then hid behind a tree.

    The thin figure walked towards a trash can near him and she threw a black plastic bag inside.

    Under the dim light of the night, he could see the girl was getting gaunt. She looked really pale as well and would probably be blown away by a slightly stronger gust of wind.

    "Sis Tianxin, why are you outside?! Just let me handle the trash!" Ning Xi had followed her out and she carefully held Ning Tianxin.

    "I'm not that weak. It's just a few steps anyway." Ning Tianxin sounded helpless.

    "No! Annie said that you need bed rest these few days!"

    Only when the girl had entered the house did Mo Lingtian slowly come out from behind the tree.

    He had already lingered there quietly for three days.

    Finally, he saw her

    However, his first reaction was to hide himself

    Ning Xi was right. So what if he met her?

    He knew that he had no right to see her, but... He could not control himself

    He was anxious and frustrated at whatever he did for the past few days. Despite his exhaustion, he could not sleep. He could only feel better when he was somewhere near her