Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 140

    Chapter 140: Hurry Up And Help Me

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    "Lu Tingxiao! Lu Tingxiao "

    Lu Tingxiao quickly dropped the things in his hands and ran to the bathroom door. "Ning Xi, what's the matter?"

    "Lu Tingxiao!"

    "Im here."

    "Come in!"

    "" Go in?

    "Hurry up! Hurry up! Ahhh"

    "What what's wrong?" Lu Tingxiao's tone became more and more nervous, but he didn't dare to rashly open the door.

    "I have a cramp in my leg! Hurry up and help me! Ouch"

    "" Lu Tingxiao face palmed, both relieved and resigned, and hurriedly open the door to enter.

    Because the water was cold and there was no steam inside, her wet clothes were completely transparent, and Lu Tingxiaos Adam's apple bobbed slightly. Although he wasnt drugged, the extent of his suffering at the moment was not any less than Ning Xis.

    "Lu Tingxiao Lu Tingxiao?"

    Ning Xis urging brought him back to his senses, and he quickly walked over. "Which leg?"

    "Right leg, right leg!" Ning Xis face was white with pain.

    Lu Tingxiao stopped thinking so much, and promptly took hold of her ankle with one hand and stretched and massaged her thigh with the other.

    "How is it?"

    "No good, no good! Its still cramping! Harder!"

    "What about now?"

    "Ah! It hurts! Softer!"

    "Is it alright now?"

    "Almost, almost"

    In just a few minutes, Lu Tingxiao was wet through with sweat. Exhausted, he gently lowered her leg.

    In the next second, out of the corner of his eye, Lu Tingxiao suddenly noticed that there were several harsh, red marks on her torso and legs, and his face instantly turned cold. "What is that on your body? Did Zhu Xiangcheng hurt you?"

    "On my body?" Ning Xi subconsciously stroked where it ached on her thigh. "Do you mean here? These are from the suspension wires today."

    Only then did Lu Tingxiao's face relax, but then he frowned. "I'll buy you some medicine."

    Saying that, he looked at her in concern. "Come out of the bath, any longer and you'll get sick."

    Ning Xi subconsciously pulled herself a little further under the water, and stretched out ten fingers. "Ten minutes. Give me ten more minutes. I was almost ready earlier, but then you came in, so"

    Lu Tingxiao: "" Alright.

    Lu Tingxiao left the bathroom, and opened the door of the hotel room again.

    Sure enough, Lu Jingli rolled inside again.

    Lu Tingxiao: ""

    Lu Jingli: ""

    Lu Jingli got up in a second, and bowed. "I'm sorry, brother, I'll leave at once!"

    "Wait, go downstairs and help buy me some medicine." Lu Tingxiao stopped him.

    "What medicine?" Lu Jingli wagged his big tail; there was an ambiguous expression on his face.

    "For swelling and bruising, something like that."

    Lu Jingli's eyes instantly lit up like a lightbulb. "Brother, did you finally demonstrate your prowess?"

    Lu Tingxiao stared coldly at him.

    Lu Jingli: "I'm sorry, I was wrong. How can you do so in such a short period of time? Your humble servant will run errands at once!"

    In less than five minutes, Lu Jingli came running back with the medicine he bought, and he said brazenly, "Brother, how about you let me directly guard the door, and Ill run errands for you anytime you need it?"

    Lu Tingxiao looked sideways at him. "If I see you again for the third time."

    The consequences will be very severe

    Liu Jingli could only sigh regretfully, then he slyly took a small, square box out of his pocket. "Brother, I also bought this, its definitely better than whatever the hotel has to offer. Are you sure you don't need it? Ouch "

    Lu Jingli was kicked out.