Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1396

    Chapter 1396: Pleased As Punch

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    After all, first love is the hardest to forget...

    "Do you truly think I'm brainless?" Ning Xi said unhappily.

    Jiang Muye looked even more solemn. "Then, are you preparing to use those ways to handle Su Yan? Such as seducing Su Yan then dumping him?"

    Ning Xi raised her brows. "Me seducing Su Yan? If I was really about to seduce him, do you think Ning Xueluo would still be in the picture?"

    Jiang Muye was speechless.

    It seemed that he could not argue with her.

    Ning Xi suddenly stared at Jiang Muye. "Blondie, have you ever heard of a particular saying?"

    Jiang Muye frowned. "What saying?"

    Ning Xi shot him an aristocratic look as light as a feather. "Acting nonchalantly is the most savage revenge."

    To just let her seduce Su Yan might be a little too gross.

    Ning Xi finished, then continued to say, "Right, there's one more saying. Usually, if a person can't move on from their ex, that must be because the current partner isn't good enough. Thus, now that I have a partner such as my dearest darling, do you think... That I have any reason to not forget my ex?"

    Jiang Muye was speechless yet again.

    Well, he could consider that his mouth asked for it...

    Jiang Muye took quite a few deep breaths before he recovered from the pain of being stuffed with public affection for the Nth time. He muttered to the sweet-looking girl, "Have you and Lu Tingxiao made up from your fight? Look at you, pleased as Punch!"

    Previously, it was as if she had a contagious disease. Even he did not dare to get within three steps of her.

    Ning Xi recalled the evening from yesterday... Spring winds in a small town... Paddy fields...

    She did not care about Jiang Muye's question. Her face revealed an incredibly gentle expression as she murmured, immersed in her own words, "Sigh, I suddenly have an impulse to propose to my dearest darling. I got to speed up on my progress of accumulating dowry..."

    Jiang Muye had nothing to say.

    Let's just pretend I didn't ask...

    Very soon, it was time for the opening ceremony to begin shooting.

    The main creatives from the drama team took turns to light up their joss sticks and pray to the deities. At last, the director lifted open the red cloth that covered the camera and announced the beginning of the shoot.

    The scene was a wave of cheers and applauses.

    Meng Shiyi, who was beside Ning Xi, had been looking around and seemed absent-minded since the ceremony began. Now, she walked to the director to ask, "Director Guo, did CEO Yun not come today?"

    "We did inform Boss Yun's end, but as he's such a prominent figure, he definitely won't attend small ceremonies like this!" Guo Qisheng answered.

    "Understood." Meng Shiyi revealed a disappointed expression, then she asked again, "Will he really be coming to do the cameo then?"

    "Well, he only mentioned it once on the phone. As for whether he will actually come, I really am not sure. After all, the rumors have said that that CEO's temperament is a little unpredictable. We'll only know everything when the time comes," Guo Qisheng said in an unsure tone.

    Meng Shiyi thought about it and suggested, "Right, Director Guo, isn't that character for Leng Aoxue's mysterious master still available? How about you let CEO Yun cameo as that? This is an upright and positive character. In fact, it was very popular among the readers of the original work. It must be more suitable than being the father of a sinister witch, isn't it?"

    When he heard this, how could Guo Qisheng not understand Meng Shiyi's intentions? He cleared his throat and said with difficulty, "I'm afraid that this isn't something I can decide on. The character Yun Haotian was first chosen by Boss Yun himself."

    "He chose it himself? Why did he have to choose this character?"

    "Maybe because this character's surname is coincidentally also Yun, and it caught Boss Yun's interest? I'm not too sure about how rich people think either!"


    Ning Xi listened to Meng Shiyi and Guo Qisheng's conversation and pinched the space between her brows. She took a long sigh, indicating that she was tired.