Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 139

    Chapter 139: Null Is Sex and Sex Is Zero

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    "What?" Lu Tingxiao's nerves became tightened subconsciously.

    "That piece of cloth for blindfolding...Can you use it to blindfold me again?" Ning Xi requested in a low voice.

    A look of startle flickered across Lu Tingxiaos face. "Why?"

    Ning Xi said with resignation. "Because, out of sight, out of mind!"

    Although the remark of Ning Xi was very inexplicable, but Lu Tingxiao understood instantly. With a slight cough, he picked up the white lace cloth that had been thrown to the ground, gently covered her eyes and tied it.

    The desire inside Ning Xis body flamed up the instant Lu Tingxiao came near, so she hurried to silently read "Null is zero and sex is zero". The turmoil in her body slightly calmed down until he had a safe distance from her and her eyes became dark again.

    If the one who came was a wretched sick man like Zhu Xiangcheng, but it was Lu Tingxiao. For her who had had APHRODISIAC, Lu Tingxiao was a catalyst that infinitely amplified the drug effect and could make her have lethal chemical reaction.

    "Is it ok?" asked Lu Tingxiao.

    Ning Xi nodded. "I have another thing need to bother you. I have no strength at all. Would you please help me go to the bathroom? Itll be ok for me to take a cold bath!"

    "Wait a minute. I'll get you water first."


    The sound of a crash in the bathroom was clear and audible in the quiet room.

    It was the same situation that her eyes couldnt see, but she felt matchlessly secure.

    A moment later, the sound of water stopped, and the sound of footsteps came into his ear.

    "Can you walk?" asked Lu Tingxiao.

    "I should be ok. Just help me up."

    Lu Tingxiao stretched out his arm to help her up, and very considerately kept distance with her, only using arms to touch her.

    After the body of Ning Xi finally dipped into the cold water, she sigh comfortably. "Hmm..."

    Lu Tingxiao became nervous. ""I'm going out first. If you have something, you can call me. Don't bath too long to catch a cold."


    Lu Tingxiao turned away and left. His figure was in some haste and discomfiture, as if he was running away.

    After going out, Lu Tingxiao pulled the hotel door open, and then saw a figure who fell flop in the room without being supported.

    When Lu Tingxiao climbed up and slapped his butt, he peered into the house, behaving stealthily like a thief. "Oh, heh hehI just worry about you...Just worry...Absolutely dont want to gossip..."

    Lu Tingxiao who seemed to have expected he would hide at the door said in a cold voice: "Fetch me the papers in the car."

    Lu Jinglis mouth opened like an "O". "Brother, do you make a mistake? You're going to read papers in this case? Are you a man?"

    Lu Tingxiao, gave him a glance flashing with knives and swords. "Need I prove to you?"

    "No, no, no! You neednt! Ill go at once! At once!" the proving method of his brother must be a specially masculine beating.

    After bringing the papers upstairs, Lu Jingli listened to the faint sound of water, sighing with extreme grief. "What cold bath! Be decisive and be the antidote for her in person. What a waste! Too wasteful!"

    Lu Tingxiao: "You can leave now."

    "Actually I don't want to leave, actually I want to stay ~ stay with you each spring summer autumn and winter~~~" when Lu Jingli sang, he incomparably wistfully left.

    Back in the room, Lu Tingxiao tried hard to ignore the blurry figure behind the frosted door in the bathroom and forced himself to focus on the papers in his hand.

    Well, it was rather efficient...he had read two pages for half an hour...

    Just then, there came a sudden cry of Ning Xi in the bathroom. "Lu Tingxiao--"