Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1385

    Chapter 1385: Unexpected Ending

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    Mo Jianzhang did not understand, but he still obeyed and turned on his loudspeaker.

    Lu Tingxiao's monotonous voice was heard. "I'm at Imperial Ren Ai hospital highest floor's emergency ward. Ning Tianxin has lost a lot of blood from her abortion. They're trying to save her."

    Lu Tingxiao's words echoed clearly in the empty living room, ringing in Mo Jianzhang, Kang Shuhui, and Mo Lingtian's ears as if they had just heard thunder...

    They reacted after quite a while. Kang Shuhui took the phone from her husband and quickly asked, "Tingxiao, what are you saying?! We talked to Tianxin for the entire afternoon. She was still fine when she went home last night. She promised us that she wouldn't think of aborting the child anymore. We wanted to have her stay over because it was quite late, but she said she wanted to go home and discuss the marriage with her father, so the driver even sent her to the door personally. How... How could she have gone to get an abortion?"

    "I've spoken to Ren Ai hospital before. If Tianxin went over, I would definitely know!" Mo Jianzhang followed up to say.

    When he heard this, Lu Tingxiao finally understood why Ning Tianxin had rushed to a remote private clinic for abortion at the last minute. "Last night at dawn, Ning Tianxin went to a private clinic in the northern city alone."

    Kang Shuhui felt herself waver. She still did not want to believe this. "Tingxiao, how did you know about this?"

    Lu Tingxiao coldly replied from the other end, "Ning Tianxin is my girlfriend's cousin. Xiao Xi received a call from that clinic late at night. When we reached, she could barely hold on because she's lost too much blood, so we transferred her to Ren Ai hospital immediately."

    Mo Jianzhang regretted it now. He asked anxiously, "How's Tianxin right now? What about... The child? How's the child? Was the child saved?"

    "The child's gone. She's being rescued right now. It doesn't look too optimistic. Her uterus might not be saved either."

    Lu Tingxiao's words caused Kang Shuhui and Mo Jianzhang to be thoroughly stunned.

    Kang Shuhui covered her mouth and choked on her tears.

    Mo Jianzhang steadied his wavering figure. "Shuhui, quick! Let's go to the hospital! Call Wanru too. We can't let anything happen to Tianxin!"

    Otherwise, he would not be able to forgive himself ever.

    Kang Shuhui nodded. She choked on her sobs as she made the call. Mo Jianzhang immediately had the butler prepare the car, and the two of them then rushed to the door.

    Behind them, Mo Lingtian continued to sit on the sofa absent-mindedly as if he could not snap out of what had just happened.


    Child... Is gone...

    Uterus might not be saved either...


    A long while later, Mo Lingtian suddenly woke with a start and got up. He then ran to the door muddleheaded.

    On the way to the hospital, Mo Lingtian drove his car at the speed of light. At the same time, with shaking hands, he took out his handphone that had been switched off for the past few days.

    The moment he switched it on, many missed calls popped up; most of them were from Ning Tianxin.

    In his text message inbox lay the messages that Ning Tianxin had sent him...

    [Lingtian, I've been looking for quite a few hospitals in the past two days. All of them used all sorts of reasons to reject my abortion. I think your family might have done something. Have you explained to your parents?]

    [Lingtian, please reply quickly when you see this.]


    [Lingtian, Mr. Mo and Mrs. Mo came to look for me at my house today. Call me when you see this. Maybe we can have a proper conversation with your parents. I believe they'll understand you.]


    The last text was sent at dawn today. It only had two words: Lingtian.

    Apart from a name, there was nothing after as if she had written it halfway and just sent it because she did not know what to say...