Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 138

    Chapter 138: Luckily Its You

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    In the next second, the girl opened her eyes completely.

    In the instant that the mans figure was reflected in her limpid and despairing eyes, she froze in confusion at first, then her eyes quickly misted over with tears, which became large drops that rolled down her face one after another, in a seemingly endless fall

    "Ning Xi" Lu Tingxiao was completely flustered by the girl's tears. "What's wrong? Where does it hurt? I'm sorry I'm late don't cry I'll take you to the hospital you please don't cry"

    His heart almost stopped beating.

    Ning Xis eyes were red and her tears still wouldnt stop flowing. She stretched out her hands, but dropped them halfway.

    "Do you want to get up?" Lu Tingxiao immediately leaned over to help her sit up.

    As he was about to help her off the bed, the girl suddenly put her arms around his neck and burrowed her head in his shoulder. She cried hard, her body shaking and her tears quickly making his clothes wet as they flowed down his neck

    Lu Tingxiaos heart felt like it had been stabbed. He patted her gently on the back with one wide palm, as if he was handling fragile glass. "Don't be afraid it's alright now its alright I'm sorry I'm sorry"

    Because of the extreme panic and fear, Ning Xi cried for over ten minutes before she stopped, then started to hiccup.

    Lu Tingxiao patiently helped her to smooth out her breathing, but he was afraid to startle her, so he didn't dare move his stiff body.

    After a long time, Ning Xi finally calmed down, and said hoarsely in his ears in a soft and helpless voice, "Luckily its you"

    She said: Luckily its you.

    These words struck him hard in his heart, and echoed over and over again.

    Maybe she herself didn't realize it, but somehow along the way, she had already come to trust him so much.

    With some effort, Ning Xi gave him a slight, bitter smile as she said disjointedly, "Lu Tingxiao, you don't know, its been a really bad day for me before I saw you I was already doubting my life, I was already giving up on this world"

    She had thought that she was indestructible and that nothing could keep her down, but when what happened that night five years ago had been about to happen again, she couldnt take it anymore, and broke down.

    She had already thought about it, that even if Zhu Xiangcheng didnt use her himself, he would definitely give her to some other person. Birds of a feather flocked together, so any man who mixed around with Zhu Xiangcheng would definitely be even more disgusting than him.

    At this moment, she was so glad that her guess had been wrong. She never expected that the person Zhu Xiangcheng wanted to please would actually be Lu Tingxiao.

    Lu Tingxiao's eyes flashed with murderous intent, but when he spoke, his voice was gentle. "I'm sorry, Im the one who got you involved. I only meant to rescue you that night, but Zhu Xiangcheng misunderstood the situation. I never anticipated that he would do such a thing."

    "How can I blame you, you did it to help me." Only then did Ning Xi realize that she was still leaning against his shoulder, and she tried to get up as she said embarrassedly, "I'm sorry, Ive dirtied your clothes."

    The girl knelt there with tears on her cheeks. Without the petals to cover her, the material she was wearing was so thin, it was as if she was wearing nothing at all.

    Lu Tingxiao coughed slightly and looked away. "Its fine."

    Ning Xis body shook as soon as she stood up, and Lu Tingxiao quickly steadied her. "Are you alright? I'll take you to the hospital!"

    Ning Xi blushed and she shook her head. "It's no use going to the hospital for this type of drug! Um, that Lu Tingxiao, can I ask one thing of you?"