Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1378

    Chapter 1378: We're Both On Your Side

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    In a certain loft in the old city district, Ning Tianxin was sitting on the sofa, looking helpless.

    She had been looking for a hospital to get her abortion, but the Mo family seemed to have intervened from the inside.

    She had found quite a few hospitals, yet all of them rejected her on account for the fact that her body was not suitable surgery. Either that, or she had to queue for a date that was at least half a month later.

    Just as she was thinking of other ways, Mo Lingtian's parents had personally come to look for her.

    When she opened the door and saw the two incredibly charismatic middle-aged couple, Ning Tianxian was shocked. "The two of you are..."

    "You must be Tianxin. We're Lingtian's parents. We're really sorry to come here so suddenly like this. May we go inside and chat with you for a bit?" Kang Shuhui spoke as she examined the girl before her. She saw the girl was dressed in a plain-colored casual outfit with not much makeup on her face. She thought she looked surpassingly beautiful, slender, and elegant. Immediately, she had a favorable impression of her.

    Indeed her sister was right. This girl was different from all the previous ones.

    "Of course, please do come in." There was no way Ning Tianxin would slam the door on two elders who had personally come to see her, so she had to invite them in.

    She suppressed the worry in her as Ning Tianxin served the both of them tea.

    "You don't live with your family?" Mo Jianzhang looked around the house and casually asked.

    "I moved out when I started university."

    "Are you still in university now?"

    "I'm attending graduate school."

    Mo Jianzhang nodded with satisfaction. Still a student. No wonder she looked so innocent.

    "Miss Ning... May I call you Tianxin?" Kang Shuhui's tone was extraordinarily gentle.

    Ning Tianxin nodded. "Feel free, Madam Mo."

    "Sigh, Tianxin! I'm sure you know the reason we're here. You're now pregnant with the flesh and blood of our Mo family. No matter what, I will have Lingtian be responsible for this! Don't you worry! Please don't be impulsive. Don't hurt this child! We'll definitely let you make the decision!"

    Kang Shuhui had intentionally emphasized on "don't hurt this child". Clearly, she knew about Ning Tianxin looking for hospitals to get her abortion recently.

    Ning Tianxin thought it was far-fetched. She chose her words carefully before saying, "Mr. Mo, Mrs. Mo... I've already discussed the way to resolve this with Lingtian."

    "So, the outcome of your discussion is to abort the child? Is life just child's play to the two of you? This is nonsense!" Mo Jianzhang could not help but shout in fury.

    Kang Shuhui immediately shot her husband a look. "It's all your son's fault. Why are you being so fierce to Tianxin?! What if she's frightened?"

    Mo Jianzhang voice then toned down quite a bit. "I... I'm not fierce! I'm angry at our son!"

    Kang Shuhui patted Ning Tianxin's hand lightly. "See? Aunty and Uncle Mo are both on your side! You don't have to be afraid of anything!"


    At night, in a certain VIP room in Imperial's Eaton Bar, Mo Lingtian gathered a bunch of single friends and had already been at the nightclub for three days and three nights. He was in a state of drunken stupor.

    "What is up with Master Mo?" Someone who did not know asked from the side.

    Immediately, someone who was familiar with Mo Lingtian's personal issues answered in a busybody way, "Don't you know? He's being forced to marry recently! It's going around the circle!"

    "Forced to marry? Isn't that normal? Hasn't he always been like that?" The person who asked was confused.

    The other came closer again and said with a shock factor, "This time is different! This time there's a baby involved!"