Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 1369

    Chapter 1369: Never Treated Us As Family

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    Of course, Ning Xi did not believe him. If reporting to the police could solve the issue, he did not have to go all the way to Imperial to look for Ning Xueluo.

    After about a twenty-minute walk, they arrived. Just as Ning Xi was about to prepare herself mentally, they heard very loud noises coming from inside the house, including the loud yelling of vulgarities from several men and the bone-chilling screaming of her foster mother, Sun Lan.

    "Ah! Stop! Please stop!"

    "Damn you, Tang Shan! You dared to report me to the police?! I'll kill you today! I'll see who's going to save you!"

    "You witch! Shut up! I'll cut off your tongue!"

    "Father! Mother! You guys, get lost! What are you doing?! Robbery under broad daylight? The law still exists here!"

    "Law? I am the law!"

    "Xiao Nuo... Xiao Nuo! Why are you back?! Leave! Leave right now!" Sun Lan was terrified.

    "So, your son is back! Good timing! Didn't you go to Imperial to borrow money from your sister? Now, give me the money and I might be kind enough and let your father live for several more days!" Hong Bin said like the jerk he was.

    "Hong're stepping over the line!" Tang Shan had bruises all over and his words sounded very weak.

    Sun Lan shrieked, "Leave, Xiao Nuo! Don't give them the money!"

    "Witch, do you want to die?!" Hong Bin glared at them with his ferocious eyes. "Give me the money if you don't want to die!"

    Tang Nuo looked at his mother. "Mother, it's enough. I don't have any money with me at all... Why did you think I'll have the money? I've told you so... She won't lend to us... She wants us dead"

    Sun Lan's expression changed. "Xiao Nuo, what nonsense are you talking about?!"

    "Nonsense? I went to look for her. I didn't even get to see her. She chased me out like some random beggar, claiming that she has no brother at all! Don't you understand? She has never treated us like her family!" Tang Nuo's suppressed anger exploded all at once.

    Sun Lan and Tang Shan looked horrified. Although they did not want to believe it, their son could not be lying.

    Sun Lan shook her head. "Impossible! Xueluo wouldn't be this cruel. She must be too busy and had no time for you, or did you find the wrong place?"

    Tang Nuo was really tired and did not want to explain further to his mother.

    Hong Bin impatiently scowled. "I'm not here to listen to your blabbering. I don't care if you steal or rob. $ 100,000! I'll leave when I get the money! Give me $ 100,000! Then, I'll let you stay alive! Or else"

    Having to face this robber in front of them after finding out that their daughter had abandoned them, there was only despair left in Sun Lan and Tang Shan's eyes

    Tang Shan roared, "Hong Bin, don't you go overboard! I only reported you to the police because you didn't return my money. Now, you even injure me and want more money from me! You're a bastard!"

    Hong Bin was enraged and he said coldly, "Bastard? I'll show you what a real bastard looks like! You think only girls are worth money nowadays? Many rich people have weird fetishes of their own! Your son looks pretty handsome. I think... I should be able to fetch a good price"